Friday, June 16, 2017

Rudy's Barbershop Opening In August

new location of Rudy's Barbershop
(one story building on left)

Rudy's Barbershop is opening another location just a few doors up from St. Helens and Great State Burger (3600 NE 45th Street) sometime in August.

Ron Sher, the building owner, told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff that it will be located in the one story building, which is the middle of the three buildings that he owns. Rudy's Barbershop will be the only tenant in that building. 

This middle building (3622 NE 45th Street) is currently being remodeled (previous tenant was Sandra  Lindsay Design) and sits in between St. Helens and Great State Burger restaurants (previously Coffee Crew for many years, then Bill the Butcher) and the Laurelhurst Professional Center (3626 NE 45th Street).  

A new restaurant will eventually be going in where Ciao Bella was, Sher told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff, on the bottom level of the Laurelhurst Professional Center, also currently being renovated.

He said: "We're working with some exciting users at the restaurant, but it's too early to disclose."

In January 2016 Ron told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff:

Our intent is to remodel all of buildings including the Laurelhurst Professional Center.  We plan to extend the depth of the single story building, remodel the store fronts and to add a partial second story. We are also planning to remodel the Professional Center replace the restaurant and remodel the patio.

Nearby barbers include the Laurelhurst Barber (3613 NE 45th Street), which has been in that location for decades.  One client told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff last year that "the old barbershop may not keep long hours but there are well over 100 loyal customers from the neighborhood."

A few doors down is Epic Barber (3517 NE 45th Street), who last year lost their popular barber, Heather, and is still owned and operated by Heather's sister and brother-in-law.  

Sher is founder and CEO of Sher Partners, a family real estate development, management and investment firm.  He is also the founder and majority owner of Third Place Company, the parent company of Third Place Books and the Honey Bear Bakery, with locations in Lake Forest Park, Bryant and Seward Park. Sher was involved in revitalizing the Lake Forest Park Shopping Center and Bellevue's Crossroads Mall in the late 1980's. 


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