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Saint Helens Restaurant Opening Today and Great State Burger Next Week, Check Out The Menus


Last Saturday afternoon, Saint Helens had a special preview opening and about 100 guests, including the Laurelhurst Blog Staff,  were treated to a variety of plates and drinks that are on the regular menu.

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff posted about the upcoming opening of the restaurant last month.

Some of the delicious offerings at the special event included a Charcuterie Plate, Pastrami Tartine, Butter Leaf Lettuce salad, Mustard Cured Ham Baguette Sandwich and Beef Tartare to name just a few.

About 60 people attended the 3 hour event with many restaurant staff on hand circulating with various different plates to try.

Chef Josh Henderson, founder of Skillet Street Foods and owner of Huxley Wallace Collective, was also on hand to greet all the guests who fit into the upstairs smallish one room area with about 15 tables on one side and the bar just on the other side of a divider. Outside the fire pit was going on the expansive deck just off the BUrke-Gilman Trail.

A variety of rich cakes were also offered including lemon, orange and chocolate along with several kinds of cookies, a crème brulee, granola, scones with cream and jam and other delicious sweets. Espresso was also available.

Lesa Linster, Director of Marketing, with Huxley Wallace Collective, told the Blog Staff, that Saint Helens, named after the chef's Aunt and also in reference to the mountain with the Chef's preference to spell out Saint, is opening today at 8am.

The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Monday-Friday 8am-2pm and 5-11pm, Saturday 8am-2pm and 5pm-midnight and Sunday 8am-2pm and 5-10pm.

The pastry case will be open during all business hours as well as a variety of coffee drinks.

Lesa said that the team has been training, tasting and prepping all week. The website will begin taking reservations today. There will soon be a private dining room that will fit larger groups. Weekend brunch will begin in a month or so.
Here are the menus:

Muesli with apricots, cherries and house-made yogurt $8
Toast with whipped butter, sea salt and preserves  $5
Ham and Cheese Tartine with house cured ham, gruyere, dijon and sunny side egg  $11
Assorted Pastries
Biscuit with assorted jams
“American” breakfast eggs your way, smashed potatoes,                             $12
sausage and grilled bread
Sourdough Pancakes, homemade syrup, sunny side up egg,       $12
whipped butter
Slow poached egg, grilled bread, hollandaise, chives                       $7
Soft Scrambled egg tartine, herb salad, whipped butter                 $8
Bagel and Lox with cured salmon, pickled shallots,                                            $10
cream cheese, fried capers
Avocado Toast, tapatio, cilantro, sunny side up egg, pepitas        $8
Mixed Grain Porridge with roasted hazelnuts and seasonal fruit                $9
Smaller Bites
Beef Tartare with smoked aioli, shallots, smoked lemon, potato chips                                     $12        
French Onion Soup with crouton and gruyere cheese                                                                     $10
Charcuterie Plate with house cured meats, pickled things,                                                            $14
grain mustard, grilled bread       
Butter Leaf Lettuce salad with dijon vinaigrette, pickled mustard seeds, dill, shallots        $8          
Mustard Cured Ham Baguette Sandwich with house cured ham, grain mustard butter    $9
St. Helens Burger with American XO sauce, housemade american cheese and aioli           $18
Black Cod Nicoise with fingerling potatoes, haricot vert, cherry tomatoes,                             $12
red wine vinaigrette      
Tuna Salad Tartine with butter lettuce, shallots, capers, hard boiled eggs, smoked lemon aioli                          $12
Daily sandwich selections
Small Bites
Charcuterie Board-A selection of housemade charcuterie, pickled things, grain mustard, grilled bread   $14        
Beef Tartare with smoked aioli, shallots, lemon, potato chips  $12
Seared Local Albacore with pickled celery salad, fried capers, remoulade  $12
Black Cod “Nicoise”-fingerling potatoes, haricot verts, cherry tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette                            $14
Bigger Bites
Slow Braised Chuck with demi sauce, robuchon potato, charred carrots  $25
Whole Roasted Trout with Brown Butter, Smoked Lemon and Rye  $22
Saint Helens Burger-Pat and Tams organic ground beef, american XO sauce, house-made american cheese, aioli  $18
Saint Helens Chicken-½ Roasted Draper Valley Farms chicken, sprouted lentils, salt and vinegar potato, salsa verde   $17
Cassoulet- duck confit, toulouse sausage, cranberry beans, sofrito, bread crumbs  $18
Cauliflower-Slow roasted cauliflower, shaved horseradish, cauliflower puree, brown butter vinaigrette   $15        
Sides  all $8
Roasted Carrots- charred bread yogurt, carrot top oil, hazelnuts
Brussel Sprouts-Oven roasted brussel sprouts, shallots, marsala wine, manchego cheese
Hasselback Potato-Sliced potato, beurre blanc, chives, tarragon, sea salt
Desserts and pastries: (changing daily)
Coffee Cake
Creme Brulee
Chocolate Cake
Orange Vanilla Cake
Cookie- Chocolate Chip
Cookie-Oatmeal Craisin
Cookie- Peanut Butter
Apple Cider Fritter
Lemon Pound Cake
Dutch Baby
Chocolate Mousse

Great State Burger, the second restaurant in the same building on the ground level,
will open on Wednesday.

The menu offers three types of hamburgers, as well as a kids hamburger.  Shakes, beer and soda are also on the menu. 

The description on the website says:

We continue the tradition of providing an amazing burger, a rich milkshake and fast service for the 21st century customer.  

We offer the highest quality ingredients, serving grass-fed organic beef, organic milk shakes, Yukon Gold crinkle cut fries, fresh American cheese, lettuce and tomato. We use all compostable packaging, and offer online and mobile ordering.
Chef Josh Henderson, owner of the restaurant group, Huxley Wallace Collective, told the Blog Staff that the idea came about to have the two types of restaurants in the neighborhood as the "building kind of lent itself to two separate spaces so we felt like it was natural to do it that way rather than to break up one concept. We had been looking to add another Great State Burger, so this was a perfect opportunity to do that as well as an all-day brasserie."

He said that he chose this area of Seattle for his new restaurants as he is familiar with and has lived in the vicinity  for many years.

Lesa told the Blog Staff that Josh "thought this area could use something like this, and that people would be supportive of the new additions.

The new space will also have bike parking for an easy stop off the Burke Gilman trail and Lesa said that down the line they are looking at doing a trail side walk up window for espresso.

Ron Sher, who owns the building, also owns the buildings directly to the North including the Laurelhurst Professional Center, which used to house Ciao Bella. 

The Blog staff asked Ron if more changes are coming to those buildings and he said:

You are right to perceive that more will be happening. Our intent is to remodel all of buildings including the Laurelhurst Professional Center.  
We plan to extend the depth of the single story building ,remodel the store fronts and to add a partial second story. We are also planning to remodel the Professional Center replace the restaurant and remodel the patio.

Ron,  owner of Third Place Books in Bryant and Lake Forest Park.  cancelled his original plan last May, for a small European style bike hotel, which was to be called the  Country Inn. 
Ron recently told the Blog Staff: "We are very excited about the project and feel it will be a great addition to the neighborhood."
For more information go here.
Pictures from
special pre-opening event
last Saturday:


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