Friday, February 15, 2019

Attempted Home Break-In

The Laurelhurst Blog received this report:

On  the evening of February 10th, we had an attempted break-in, on the 5100 block of 48th Avenue NE.  

We captured the guy on our home security cameras and were also able to capture a vehicle on camera a bit later, as the guy returned that same night. He  was driving a Camry or Accord type car which he left in the middle of the street while he again approached the house.  
The video is fuzzy and we couldn’t get a plate number or more details but the vehicle and his repeated attempts made it clear that our house had been targeted specifically rather than just being a crime of opportunity. 

We saw footprints in the snow the following morning at each of the windows and doors. He obviously tried multiple times to enter our home as well checking the mailbox. 
I realized upon viewing the video that I had interacted with this person earlier the same evening, at 7:30 pm, when walking the dog. The person was walking alone on 48th Avenue NE and my dog barked at him vigorously and relentlessly (which made me fairly cross at the time but in retrospect seems rather prescient of her). 
The guy was thin, about 5'10, and was wearing a Carhart jacket and very saggy pants, which struck me as odd considering the snow and cold.  
If there were any break-ins or property crimes on that Sunday evening in the neighborhood, I’d suggest that they could be related to this individual. 
I filed a police report.  Heads up, if you see this guy in the neighborhood he is bad news! Lock your windows and doors!

Car Prowl In Alley of NE 43rd And 44th Street

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

Last Sunday night, February 10th, my truck was broken into on the alley of 43rd Avenue NE and NE 44th Street.  
They broke the passenger side rear window and stole a tote bag full of yellow tow straps that I keep in there for emergency usage and also a small emergency air compressor.  
It looks like they never opened the doors, so it was a smash and grab of items on the rear floor. The windows had dark tint so I doubt they could see much but they obviously saw shapes and decided to go for it.  
I guess this is another lesson to never leave anything visible in your car. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Kids Climbing On Snow Covered Cars

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

On Saturday, a group of what looked like older high schoolers or young adults,  about 17-24ish years old by guess in the dark at a distance, dressed in snow gear, were moseying down NE 45th Street across from the south side of Children’s Hospital.  
They were climbing on and over as well as dancing on, snowy cars, as their friends videoed.   
It didn't appear as if they were  vandalizing anything.   But it didn’t seem like normal activity.

Tomorrow Tree Pruning Around Perimeter Of Hospial

Children's Hospital posted this information on their Construction Blog

Starting at 9am on Friday, damaged trees along the perimeter of the hospital will be pruned, due to the recent snow storm.  The crew will use chainsaws and chippers, which will generate noise. The crew may arrive earlier to set up equipment. 

These areas will have activity:  
  • On 45th Avenue NE near the intersection with NE 45th Street
  • On NE 45th Street near the Metro bus turnaround exit

For questions, contact Lisa King at 206-510-8481.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Disturbing Drawing in Snow

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

I am uneasy sharing this, but I do think that the neighborhood needs to be aware of a situation that occurred on Friday evening, February 8th, during the snow storm.

Around 1am, we noticed that outside of a neighbors house, who are of Jewish faith, there was a large (approximately 5 feet x 5 feet) swastika drawn in the snow.

We do not know if this is neighbors or kids as a prank, but it is a very hateful act and is extremely concerning that something like this would occur.
We live in North Laurelhurst on a street that few would venture down, so to think that someone intentionally made an effort to come and do this makes it saddening and maddening.  Just something we think that the neighborhood needs to be aware of, and concerned about.

Free Garbage Transfer Station Drop Off Through Saturday

Seattle Public Utilities posted this information:

Garbage Collection Resumes and Free Garbage Drop-off at Seattle Transfer Stations Feb. 13-16 


Garbage collection resumes today for Monday and Tuesday customers.  Recycling and food and yard waste not collected from Monday and Tuesday customers today will be collected next week, on February 18th and 19th. Customers may put out double the usual amount of recycling and yard waste at no additional charge.  
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday collections will occur on a one-day delay this week.  
Seattle residents significantly impacted by delayed pickups, due to icy residential streets, may visit the transfer stations for free February 13-16th. Customers are asked to indicate they are Seattle residents whose solid waste services have been delayed due to weather for more than a week.   
There is a limit of one truck or carload, per household, up to 420 pounds of combined garbage/recycling/compost. For any amount more than 420 pounds, there will be a charge of $30 (minimum charge) or more.  Customers are advised to separate materials and cover the load.  
What to bring: Residential Garbage, Clean Yard Waste and Recyclables  

North Transfer Station: 1350 N 34th Street 
8am-5:30pm (until 7:30pm on Feb 14th and 15th)  

More information on transfer stations and collections for the rest of the week go here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Keep Sidewalks Clear Of Snow

The Laurelhurst Blog has received many emails reminding neighbors to clear off snow from the sidewalk in front of their house.

One neighbor, who fell last year and sprained his ankle on an uncleared snowy sidewalk urged neighbors to shovel snow in the public areas in front of their homes. 

He added:

Sidewalks are a public right-of-way used by children, elderly, neighbors with disabilities and many others. Sidewalks covered in snow can be perilous and unpredictable o navigate when covered by snow. It is not the City's responsibility to clear the sidewalks, but a requirement of homeowners.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) says: 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. They must make sure snow and ice does not pose a hazard to pedestrians. They must also repair cracks and other damage.

A neighbor sent this message to share with the neighborhood:

12 Hummingbirds Share 6 Hole Feeder In Snowy Weather

A neighbor, who lives in the Laurelhurst Condominiums, sent this picture to the Laurelhurst Blog, along with these comments:
Check out this picture of 12 hummingbirds on a six hole feeder, with 5 waiting their turn.  
The feeder is one of two on opposite ends of a twelve foot South facing seventh floor deck on Sand Point Way. The other feeder is controlled by a bully who is guarding his food source and doesn’t allow any visitors.  
The birds on the one feeder can consume as much as a quart a day of the sugar water.  
Think Spring.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Igloo In The Park And Downed Branches

Yesterday several kids and their parents worked on this igloo for several hours and it was big enough for several kids to go inside.

And near the Community Center, several large branches have fallen due to the heavy snow.

Weather-Related Info And Tips From Seattle Public Utilities

Seattle Public Utilities posted this information:

Weather-related info from Seattle Public Utilities

Garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste collection is dependent on safe road and weather conditions for our drivers. We're making service adjustments as needed based on current and predicted weather conditions. For the most up-to-date information, go here or check Twitter @SeattleSPU.