Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amazon Fresh Groceries Stolen From Porch

We received this email:

We live on the 3800 block of 42nd Avenue NE and had an Amazon Fresh delivery stolen from our front porch sometime between 4-7am on Tuesday morning (9/9).  
I wanted to make sure neighbors are aware of this and the petty thieves that have been a problem recently in the neighborhood are stooping low enough to steal groceries now.  
Thankfully Amazon's customer service is excellent in this scenario and handled it without issue, but it is somewhat pathetic that not even grocery deliveries are safe these days.

Children's Author And Illustrator, Aaron Becker, At Northeast Library Today

Aaron Becker, author and illustrator of the award-winning picture book "Journey," will talk about his second picture book, "Quest," today from10:30-11:30am at the Northeast Branch Library (6801 35th Avenue N.E).

The information says:
"Quest" is the second book in the wordless picture book trilogy that began with the 2014 Caldecott Honor book "Journey." The adventure continues as the girl, the boy and their purple bird companion make their way back into the enchanted realm behind the red door.  
They discover that there’s more to this land than they imagined – and they’re more a part of its mythology than they could have dreamed. 
Becker resides in Amherst, Massachusetts with his wife, daughter and a lazy cat.

For more information, call the Northeast Branch at 206-684-7539 or Ask a Librarian.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Register Now For Adult Community Center Classes

Registration is underway for a wide variety of Fall adult classes and programs offered at the Laurelhurst Community Center.

Register online, in-person at the Community Center Monday through Friday 9-2pm or by calling 684-7529.

The Fall 2014 Parks and Recreation Brochure lists all classes and programs at Laurelhurst, Magnuson and Ravenna-Eckstein Community Centers.

Here are the upcoming adult classes and programs at Laurelhurst Community Center:
Ages 18 and older
Several clay projects will be introduced using both handbuilding and throwing on the wheel echniques. Practice your skills making clay objects while learning how to make tiles, cups,
bowls, and more in a fun and informative setting. Instructor: Liang-Yin Chen
#121284 9/15-11/17 Mon 6:30-8:30 pm $250

Ages 18 and older
This course features light weights and isometrics and is easy on the joints. Each class consists of exercises done at the barre and on the floor and incorporates Pilates, yoga, weights, stretching,
and intense muscle work to fatigue. All levels welcome. Instructor: Laura Martin
No class 11/11 or 11/27.
#121291 9/8-12/15 Mon 5:30-6:30 pm $225
#121293 9/2-12/16 Tue 10:30-11:30 am $225
#121294 9/4-12/18 Thu 9:30-10:30 am $225

Ages 18 and older
The class includes upper and lower body exercises and balance techniques. Participants must have taken beginner class to register for intermediate/ advanced class. Instructor: Laura Martin.
No class 11/11
#121300 9/2-12/16 Tue 9:30-10:30 am $225

Ages 18 and older
Pilates with more variations and a faster pace. Participants will use magic circle, bands, and light weights. Instructor: Laura Martin
No class 11/27
#121305 9/4-12/18 Thu 10:30-11:30 am $225

Ages 16 and older
Considered to be the most comprehensive of all the yogas, Kundalini Yoga incorporates the use of breath, movement, meditation, and deep relaxation. It is a practical tool for everyday people. Kundalini Yoga is not posture based; therefore, it's accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type. It's powerful, efficient, and effective. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient, time proven technology for human transformation, helping people live their lives with greater meaning and joy.
Instructor: Marilyn Smith
#123318 9/17-10/29 Wed 5:30-7 pm $70
#123319 11/5-12/17 Wed 5:30-7 pm $70

Ages 18 and older
We lose muscle and bone density as we age. Reset your metabolism, gain muscle and bone mass with this interval workout. Body weight exercises, weights, bands, and gliders all work you to regain lost strength. A class for any level but will have knee bending (which can be modified). Instructor: Laura Martin
No class 11/28
#121297 9/5-12/19 Fri 9:30-10:30 am $225

Ages 16 and older
Come and learn this "internal" Chinese martial art (Beginning Yang style short form) which promotes health by reducing bodily tension and stress, improves balance and coordination, increases joint flexibility and calms the mind.
Instructor: Mark Johnson
BEGINNER #121374 9/10-10/29 Wed 6-7 pm $88
 #121375 11/5-12/17 Wed 6-7 pm $77
INTERMEDIATE #121377 9/10-10/29 Wed 7-8 pm $88
 #121379 11/5-12/17 Wed 7-8 pm $77

Ages 5-12
Private piano lessons are 30 minutes long and offered to ages 5-12. However, students who are already established with the instructor may continue beyond age 12. Lessons are taught with
child-friendly methods that explore compositional development and theoretical analogies along with basic techniques and exercises. The instructor holds a Master’s in Music Composition and has taught piano for more than 12 years. Instructor: Darna Bedwell
#121348 9/15-12/15 Mon 3-8 pm $350
#121349 9/17-12/17 Wed 3-8 pm $35

Ages 50 and older
Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Pick up latest book at Laurelhurst Community Center. Class meets 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, and 12/17. Book Club Leader: Sally Draper
#121325 9/17-12/17 Wed 1-2 pm

Sand Point Way Median Landscape Work Underway

Sand Point Way median landscape work has begun starting on the southernmost median at about 40th Avenue NE and NE Sand Point Way.  Crews will work north from that direction over the next several weeks.

Here is more information:

Gardeners from the Department of Transportation’s Urban Forestry section will begin maintenance work on the Sand Point Way Northeast median beginning tomorrow, Sept. 16 and expect to complete the work by the end of October. They will prune plants, pull weeds and apply mulch.
To enable the crews to work safely, they will close the inside lanes next to the median. They will close the northbound, inside lane from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the southbound inside lane from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The crews will avoid closing lanes on the first day of school for the University of Washington and other days when they anticipate a significant increase in traffic.
There are approximately 123 acres of landscaped public right of way and tree pits throughout Seattle, and 12 landscape gardeners to care for them. The number one priority is ensuring these areas remain safe and provide accessibility as they were designed.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Neighbor Reports "Shifty Character" In The Neighborhood

We received this email:

I wanted to alert you to a shifty character in the neighborhood. I live on 42nd Avenue near NE 41st Street. On Sunday my husband and daughter left the house around 10am.  Shortly thereafter, I left the house for a run.   
As  I started to run up the NE 41st Street hill, I saw a younger man on a bike waiting at the bottom of the street.  As I ran up the hill he started riding down the sidewalk.    
I had an uneasy feeling about him, and walked back down the hill and watched him.  He stopped in front of my house.  He looked back and saw me watching him and immediately started pedaling down the sidewalk.  He looked back at me over his shoulder 3 or 4 times as he road south on 42nd Avenue NE.  
I went in to the alley to see if he would ride up the alley, but he had disappeared. I warned my neighbors about him. He was around  late 20's.  Dressed in dark clothes, wearing a large bright red backpack. No helmet.

Invasive Plants Conference Currently At Center For Urban Horticulture

UW Botanic Gardens is holding a two day conference today and tomorrow called "Meeting the Challenge: Preventing, Detecting, and Controlling Invasive Plants" from 8am-7pm at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

The information says:

Invasive plants are a significant threat to biodiversity and ecosystem function. New introductions continue to emerge through a variety of pathways and vectors, while existing invaders continue to persist and expand their range. Changes in climate, land use, and biotic interactions present new challenges in controlling the spread of these invaders.  
Land managers and scientists will hear the latest information on how to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to these persistent and emerging threats. Conference presentations, both invited and contributed, will stimulate dialogue, raise new questions and offer innovative solutions. Participants from throughout northwestern North America will contribute ideas and meet colleagues for collaboration.

For more information go here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

June, July And August Neighborhood Crime Reports

Here are reports of crime provided by Spotcrime which links back to the Seattle Police website:

6/11 3pm assault - threats
4300 block of NE 55th Street

6/13 8pm theft - vehicle
4200 block of Mary Gates Memorial Drive

7/11   10:48pm assault - threats, kill
5200 block of NE 43rd Street

7/15 10:26am other - disturbance
3000 block of E Laurelhurst Drive

7/17 2:20pm assault - threats, other
3000 block of E Laurelhurst Drive

7/19 noon assault - threats
3000 block of E Laurelhurst Drive

7/21 1pm theft - fraud, credit card
3800 block of Webster Point Road

7/23 3:30pm vandalism - property damage, graffiti and assault - malicious harassment
4500 block of E Laurel Drive NE

7/28 11pm forced burglary
3600 block of 47th Avenue NE

 8/1 12:09pm theft - financial fraud
3800 block of 49th Avenue NE

8/6 5:21am theft - car prowl
4100 block of NE Surber Drive

8/15 5:00pm burglary - no force
4000 block of NE Surber Drive

8/19 7:00am other
4100 block of 42nd Avenue NE



Northwest Lanscape Paintings On Display At Miller Library

Wolfe painting photo
Oil paintings of Northwest landscapes by Kathleen Wolfe will be on exhibit in the Miller Library through today.

Wolfe's website says:
Landscape oil painting expresses the love I have for nature. Magical colors, textures, and shapes, amongst the changing light, inspires me to paint.
While growing up in Washington, I explored the forest and beach daily. Hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, sea kayaking, and travel were adventures that awakened my senses and curiosity. Photography and sketching taught me to see and capture the moment. 
Years later, I discovered my passion; painting in oils. 
Painting allows me to express how I feel, while drawing me closer to nature where you too may gather strength, balance and peace.

For more information go here.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Beware Of Teenage "Fit For Life" Door To Door Solicitor And How To Protect Yourself

We received the below email yesterday from a neighbor regarding a teenager selling magazines under the name Fit for Life. whose website says: :

Fit for Life Network, Inc. is a Personal Development Sales Organization. We sell magazines. All Agents are background checked and must be at least 18 years of age. Our purpose is to assist young people wishing to enter the productive work force. We provide a fun life style while teaching practical work skills and sales experience. Rewards are based on a points system and might translate into tuition payments or the exotic vacation you always wanted.
The neighbor's email said:
I live in the area of 45th Avenue NE and NE 38th Street and wanted to warn others of a potential scam in our neighborhood.  A high school age boy came to our door to help fund his trip to play in a baseball tournament and possibly end up on ESPN.  He introduced himself as the grandson of a neighbor.

When showing us the "brochure", he flashed a lot of money (showing all the  money other neighbors have given). He said that the way the donations
worked is that 75% went to buy books for kids at children's hospital and
they got 25% (or something like that).   
The brochure did not look like it matched a fundraising effort.  He had hand written notes with suggested  donation packages on the order of hundreds of dollars, but suggested I just make a smaller cash donation that would be combined with other neighborhood donations.

He had nothing to prove that this was an official fundraiser.  The website
he gave was fitforlife.  He also gave me a cell number, which no one
answered when I called later.

He was very clean cut, well spoken.  He was in a white Mariners shirt and
plaid shorts.  My initial instinct was to give money without even hearing
all the details so I could get back to dinner.   He also interacted with
my kids, asking them if they play baseball.

I hope I am wrong, but if it is a scam, I think he will do quite well in
our neighborhood.   I know some neighbors have already given him money.
The Laurelhurst Blog staff did some research on "Fit For Life" and found it has numerous complaints nationwide from those who gave money and didn't receive anything in return.

Here are just a few of the websites documenting incidents of scamming by this company:
Scambook: Fit for Life
Better Business Bureau in Denver, CO - documents about 50 complaints
Complaints Board
Door to door Fundraising Scam Doesn't Benefit UC Davis Children's Hospital
Fit For Life Magazine Sales For the Troops Are A Fraud
Woman Victim To Group Soliciting For Fake Fundraiser

The Seattle Police Department says:
Most of these solicitors are not legitimate. These solicitors are scammers and give very little, if any, of the money they collect to the charity or organization they claim to represent.If a solicitor comes to your door, do not open the door but tell them through the closed door "No thank you" or "not interested." If you do answer the door and the solicitor becomes angry, threatening or verbally abusive, call 911."
 Here are more  tips given by the Seattle Police North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator:  

Homeowners may consider posting a "No Solicitor" sign indicating “No agents,” “No peddlers,” or “No Solicitors.” In Seattle, it is unlawful for any residential seller to attempt to gain admittance for the purpose of selling at any residence displaying one of these signs.

Before opening your door look for proper identification. In Seattle, all door-to-door sellers must display the residential sales identification which includes the seller’s photograph on their outer clothing, along with the name of the licensee as well as the agent, and the type of product or service being sold. The license is only valid for the product or service specified. If you have any questions about whether a company is properly licensed, call the City of Seattle’s Office of Revenue & Consumer Affairs 206-684-8136.

Acknowledge the knock since ignoring it may lead to an attempted burglary. It is preferable to speak to strangers through your door.

Each residential seller is required to immediately upon contacting the prospective buyer, disclose their name, company and the product or service represented.

If requested to do so, the seller must leave the premises immediately. If the individual does not leave, or if an attempt to gain access is ade by asking to use the bathroom, the phone or get a drink of water, refuse the request and ask the individual to leave. If you feel intimidated, pressured, or threatened at any time, call 911.

It is safer not to allow the salesperson into your home.

Don't pay immediately or give the salesperson cash or a check, as it may be pocketed and you will never receive the product ordered. Instead, find out from the seller how you can order directly from he company or receive the bill upon receipt of the product/service. If the salesperson is concerned about losing their commission for the sale, offer to provide their name when placing your order.

In Seattle, if you make a purchase, the salesperson must tell you of your right to cancel the order and the contract must include a statement regarding the right to cancel as well as a notice informing the buyer of their right to cancel the order any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of the transaction. A completed Notice of Canelllation (in duplicate) must be provided to the purchaser at the time they purchase from the seller. You do not need to provide a reason for canceling the order.

For each sale of ten dollars or more, the seller must provide a receipt or contract to the purchaser. Do not leave any blanks on your contract. Be sure the contract or receipt is dated and that it states the terms of the transaction, the amount of payment made and the name and address of the residential seller.

Never be afraid to say “NO!” to high pressure tactics and end your conversation with the salesperson.

Avoid making an immediate purchase in order to receive a “free gift.”

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Report City Service Requests Via Easy Mobile Phone App

The City has updated their " Find It, Fix It -- Service Request" mobile application which offers users an additional way to report selected issues to the City of Seattle by taking a picture, adding detailed information and submitting the report, along with the map's "drag and drop" feature  to pinpoint the location. 
The app offers these service request categories:
·           Abandoned Vehicles: report vehicles parked in a public right-of-way more than three days.
·           Graffiti: report graffiti, including what it is on — parking meter, utility pole or building — so it gets automatically routed to the appropriate department for response.
·           Illegal Dumping: report illegal dumping — junk, garbage or debris — on public property, including roadsides, open streets and paved alleys.
·           Pothole: report a pothole.
·           Parking Enforcement: make an inquiry regarding a parking concern.
·           Streetlight Report: report a streetlight outage or damaged streetlight.
·           Other Inquiry: this miscellaneous category is for making an inquiry or request not listed above, which will be processed by the City's Customer Service Bureau. Mobile users should choose this category to provide feedback.