Thursday, March 31, 2011

Epic Barber Shop Now Open For Haircuts For Men, Women and Children

A new full family barber shop, called Epic Barber Shop (3517 NE 45th Street), opened a few days ago next door to Chloe Bistrot.

Many families will already know one of the stylists, Heather, who was very popular at nearby Starline Barber in Bryant, where she worked previously.  Her sister, Rachel and her brother-in-law, Rob, who himself has cut hair for many years as well, are the owners.

This new family run business barber shop caters to the whole family, kids, men and women. They have completely remodeled the space they took over, making very comfortable and family friendly.

For kids haircuts, they have lollips, a big screen TV and books.

Haircuts are $13 for kids ten and under as well as seniors 65 and over. And for adults $18 for short hair and $22 for long hair.

Tomorrow and Saturday they are donating $3 from every haircut to Autism Speaks, as part of the nationwide Light it Up Blue event, to raise awareness about autism in communuties across the country. Heather's son has autism and so "we have a vested interest in this fundraiser," Rob told us.

To make an appointment call 206-420-1013. Hours are 9:30-6pm Tuesdays through Saturday and they may extend those hours as needed.

The Epic Barber Shop owners are excited to have found a spot in Laurelhurst, and look forward to getting to know families and be a part of the NE Seattle area, someday hoping to move nearby.

As for Laurelhurst Barber, located just a few doors down, and has been in the neighborhood for 41 years, we hear from several readers that the owner is retiring and is not taking any new customers and that his hours are generally 6-7am.

However, another reader emailed us to say that the well-known Laurelhurst Barber, has no plans to retire or close.

The reader added: "The ‘old barbershop’ may not keep long hours but there are well over 100 loyal customers from the neighborhood."

We  have tried numerous times to contact the Laurelhurst Barber by email and stopping by, to verify his plans, however we have not been successful. We would love to hear directly from this well-liked neighborhood icon.



Rod said...

Wow, I can't believe we've been so lucky Heather has moved to this location to cut hair. We've been with her for about four years. She's great with haircuts and does them all: men, women and kids. Great personality. We think she and Rob are going to fit right in.

Devon said...

Heather is truly amazing, one haircut by her and you will be hooked! she has the personality and skill you will LOVE!!! I worked with her about a year ago and she always knows how to light up a room! this is barber shop out RIGHT NOW!!!

Natalie Wouldn't said...

Hey I'm a Laurelhurst resident and this is a great blog. You really should think about feeding into a facebook page so I can easily share this great information on a broader scale.

Laurelhurst Blogger said...

Natalie -

Thanks for your nice comment about the Blog. We will definitely think about setting up a Facebook Page.

Fornow, we are on Twitter.

And in the meantime, let friends and family know to subscribe to daily blog posts here: