Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coffee Crew Closing On Friday

The Coffee Crew

The Coffee Crew, (3612 NE 45th Street), which has been in business for over 21 years, serving delicious baked goods and coffee, will be closing on Friday, as the property needs to be turned over to the owner by the end of the month.

The Blog Staff spoke with Louise Thommen, who has owned The Coffee Crew for the last 13 years and used to bake all the goodies herself, said that with her arthritis and not being able to stand up for long periods of time she had to terminate the lease and will retire. She said "I just needed to close and be off my feet."

Louise said she will miss everyone and added that she's "had a good little business."

A reader sent us email asking for the Blog Staff to let readers know so "they can come in and thank Louise for her years of service to the neighborhood."

A reader told us: "Things won't be the same without Louise and the Coffee Crew in the neighborhood. Many of us have faithfully gathered there for years.  It was a place to come home to."

The new owners, Sher Partners, who bought the property at the end of last year, own Elliott Bay Books, Third Place Books and Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.

Some recent comments on Yelp were:

I LOVE this place. Best muffins/scones ever to enjoy with your coffee. If they had a Facebook page I would "like" them just to find out what they are baking that day. Nice place to go sit and relax in the morning, or grab and go on your way to work (that's what I have to do). 5 stars

Love the Coffee Crew! Louise and her team are the epitome of neighborhood friendliness. Every time I stop in I feel like I live in a small town and not a big sprawling city.

What a coffee shop should be. Louise always remembers you and greets you accordingly, coffee is fantastic and well prepared (try the Lighthouse roast... best in town).

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