Monday, July 25, 2016

Heather, Popular Epic Barber, Now At Roosevelt Barber

Heather, the popular long-time barber at Epic Barber, is now at The Roosevelt Barbershop (801 NE 65th Street).

Heather's brother-in-law and sister own Epic where Heather has worked since it opened in March of 2011.  Heather always had a long list of customers waiting for haircuts, sometimes up to an hour.  

Rob, her brother-in-law, works there two days a week, as he works at another salon as well, and his wife has a full-time job and comes in occasionally to perform administrative duties, the Laurelhurst Blog was told.

One long-time customer said:
We were sad to hear that Heather had to leave Epic Barber, but glad she is still fairly close.  
We hope that her sister and brother-in-law appreciated all the business (and revenue) she brought in as well as the numerous repeat customers, and perhaps she left as she was not well compensated for being the primary money maker of the business.
If it wasn't for her, the business would never have gotten off the ground and been so successful. We hope all her long-time customers will go just a bit further to still get her fabulous haircuts.

Heather, also brought in a lot of business where she worked  previously at nearby Starline Barber in Bryant, where many customers followed her to Epic Barber.

Heather told the Laurelhurst Blog:

I was a barber at Epic Barbershop in Laurelhurst along with Angie. I have a lot of families/clients that I cut hair for in your neighborhood.  
Recently I had to abruptly leave that location and unfortunately I wasn’t able to let my families know where they could find me. I am still in the area and they can find me and Angie very close at the Roosevelt Barbershop.  I will be taking appointments and walk-ins Tuesday- Saturday. Thank you for helping reconnect with my clients and families.  I can be reached at 206-434-9078.

Rob told the Laurelhurst Blog:

We at Epic Barbershop wish Heather and Angie well . Myself and the crew are still open for business as usual and still serve the families of Laurelhurst. We appreciate the outpouring of community support and look forward to seeing you all soon as we are not going anywhere. 

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