Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Long-Time Laurelhurst Barber And Style Shop Going Under New Ownership, Longer Hours And "Freshened Up" Decor



The Laurelhurst Barber (3613 NE 45th Street)  appeared to be closed, week before last, with brown paper covering the windows and then last Thursday, October 9th, the paper was off and a neighbor said it looked as if it had re-opened.   

One of the long-time owners of Laurelhurst Barbar, Edward Waage, passed away in February of last year and his partner, Mike, continued to run the Barber Shop. 

Two long-time customers, one who has been going to Laurelhurst Barber for about as long as the Barber Shop has been open, over 40 years, gave us this update:

After Ed died a few years ago, Mike, the second barber has kept it going.  The hours are different.  Mike is usually there Tuesdays - Fridays from about 7 am to about 11 am for appointments ( a large group ) and then on Saturdays  from 6:30-10, first come first serve.  
Two barbers who have single shops up north, 65th and 95th (I think) have combined to buy Ed out.   The buyout will go over the next year.  Ed will stay there for a year and as long after as he wants.   
The new guys have met with the landlord who indicated she will lease the shop to  them when Ed’s lease is up in a year.  In the meantime, the two new guys are freshening the place up – there will be 3 chairs, (2 of which are much newer);  tile the floor; add new lighting and paint the walls.  I think they will add a big wall TV on the back wall.  
It was a very nostalgic barber shop that probably had not had anything done to it in at least 20 or 30 years  so a ‘freshen up ‘ will be nice.  But the old flavor will be gone. 
The hours will expand.   Mike will continue to be there the same hours he has been.  The new guys will then come in at 11am and stay until late afternoon.  I have briefly met the new guys and they seem nice and friendly.

Another customer told us last year that "the old barbershop may not keep long hours but there are well over 100 loyal customers from the neighborhood."

Laurelhurst Barber is a different barber than Epic Barber, just a few doors down in the next block.

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