Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Picture And Update On Eagle Chicks Nesting At Talaris

Neighbors living close to the long-time eagles nest, just off of 41st Avenue NE, on the Talaris property, have been keeping the Laurelhurst Blog informed of the activity over the last several years.

A neighbor sent the above picture and update about the eagles nesting near Talaris:
The chicks seem to be doing fine.  They mostly stand around and wait for food.  They are starting to whistle for food now.  By the time they go the neighbors, at least some of us are not sad to see them go.   
If there is a breeze one will stand on the edge of the nest and practice flying jumping into the air in small hops.  They are making trips out of the nest onto nearby branches.  If they follow past years,  they will be fledging toward the end of next month or so.

This nest has been popular for nearby residents to avidly keep an eye on.  Last March and in May 2014, eagle chicks were sighted by residents on Surber Drive. In April of last year, a neighbor sent a video of the activity.  And in early 2013 there were more baby eagle sightings.

In September of 2013, residents were concerned about the eagles when suddenly 
a black vinyl fence was put up around the nest. Neighbors were again concerned last May when many reported hearing dump trucks and seeing a digging machine too close to the eagles nest.  A Talaris representative said that grinding and repaving a portion of the asphalt driveway that had several cracks and potholes in it were being repaired.

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