Friday, March 20, 2015

Eagles Nest At Talaris Filled With Activity

Baby eagles on Talaris property 
July 2013

The Laurelhurst Blog received this email:
There has been quite a bit of activity at the eagles' nest which is in a large tree just off of NE 41st Street on the Talaris property.  
In the past week, I have seen adult eagles in the nest and the tree. This week there was one in the nest, which then flew off and joined another eagle in the sky. They circled for quite a while, and were joined or watched by a third adult eagle that flew close by, but kept its distance.
On Wednesday of this week there was an "invader" eagle sitting by the nest yesterday around 3pm, and the nesting mother calling her distress with the male no where in sight.  
A couple of neighbors were out watching the drama, but there was obviously nothing we could do. I wasn't able to stay long enough to see what happened, but I will check again today or tomorrow. I don't know if the pair would mate and lay eggs again or just wait another year.
This nest has been popular for nearby residents to avidly keep an eye on. Last May, eagle chicks were sighted by residents on Surber Drive.

In September of 2013, residents were concerned about the eagles when Talaris put up , a black vinyl fence was put up  and more baby eagle sightings in 2013.

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