Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby Eagles Thought To Be In Nest Now At Talaris

Baby eagles last July on Talaris property 

We've received several emails asking if the baby eagles that nest in a large tree just off of NE 41st Street on the Talaris property have hatched.  The same nest has been active each year for a long time. 

Since Talaris has fenced off the area, long-time Laurelhurst residents who usually check on the eaglets are not able to and are wondering how they are.

The Blog Staff sent several emails to George Thurtle and Nathan Rimmer, representatives for Bruce McCaw, the owner, asking about the eaglets and they did not respond to any emails.

One nearby neighbor wrote us:
Have there been any eagle baby updates?   It looks like they are in the same nest.  I'm hoping the neighbors across the street will be on eagle report duty again this spring!  Hopefully the babies won't end up on the ground again as they did last year.

Another neighbor wrote:
It is a shame that Talaris continues to be so anti-neighborhly especially during this special time when long-time neighbors have been so dedicated to watching the eagles hatch for so many, many years and making sure they are safe. Now we have no idea how they are doing and it looks as if Talaris doesn't care at all. What a shame and so sad.
Connie Sidles, local Master Birder and Seattle Audubon Society Board Member, who maintains a blog about bird activity and plant life at the Union Bay Natural Area, wrote to us:
I talked to one of the neighbors recently and she believes baby eaglets have hatched. They are still too small to see, as the nest has become very deep and the leaves obscure the view as well. But the parents have been working hard bringing food back to the nest - fish, mostly - so all seems well.
Last July nearby neighbors were worried  about two fledglings that left their and were on the ground trying to fly. "They are at risk of dogs and speeding cars.  If the adults do not feel safe enough to land on the ground and take care of the fledglings, the fledglings may not survive. The eagles need to be able to range up to 1/4 mile without disturbance of cars, people or dogs," a neighbor wrote.

In August a neighbor reported that the baby eagles were off the ground and flying. 

And another neighbor in November detailed the nest building that was going on that he could see from his home writing that "It's lots of fun to watch, especially now that the leaves are falling off and visibility is better."

If neighbors in that area have information on the eaglets, please send it to as many residents would enjoy some news.

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