Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Hospital Helipad Moves To Permanent Location


This week, the new new helipad on top of the Forest B building, also referred to as "Building Care" became active. 

Last year, the helicopter landing pad moved to the roof of Forest A (176’), known as Friends of Costco Building, during Phase 1 of the expansion. The landing pad was active until this week when Building Care was fully completed. With the last location, noise was louder than the former ground-based helipad used for decades. 

The Laurelhurst Community Club,said in a newsletter at the time:

Children’s Helistop 
Seattle Children’s Helistop has been located on the ground level since the early 1990s. It accommodates the transport of sick children by helicopter directly to the hospital or to landings at a UW sports field on east campus. Twice a year, the number and type of landings are reviewed by an independent committee of professionals and LCC. In the six months from January to June 2018, there were 73 landings, 61 at SCH and 12 at the UW field, compared to 54 in 2017 and 53 in 2016 for the same period.  
As part of the latest expansion by SCH, the helistop location will change to the top of the Friends of Costco Building (Forest A) on October 17. EIS predictions suggest noise will be more intense for some Laurelhurst residents, since the prior ground-level location sheltered the noise. 
Lighting will be as low as permissible; however, each patient transport takes a minimum of 20 to 45 minutes. Noise likely will be louder than the ground-based helipad. When Forest B is complete, the helistop moves to its permanent location on top of Forest B (same height). Noise levels will remain increased at nearby residential sites in Laurelhurst. LCC will continue to monitor and work with SCH on any issues that may arise with the new location.

In 2013the Hospital's helistop was located in the southwest corner of the parking area while construction was underway.

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