We will also post to our Construction Blog whenever a construction activity will be especially impactful to neighbors or needs to happen outside standard construction hours. Our goal is to keep the community informed and aware of potential impacts before they occur.The Building Care construction site is being fenced, and construction is underway.  
From now until project completion, which should take approximately three years, there will be ongoing construction activity.  
This week, construction crews are scheduled to perform the following activities:
  • Install construction fencing and gates
  • Install temporary walls and prepare temporary roads within the site for asphalt (asphalt is scheduled to be placed the week of Dec. 17)
  • Remove existing stones
  • Demolition of existing footings and paved areas
  • Demolition of steel from the old Emergency Department canopy
  • Prefabricate walls and install roofing for a new vestibule at the Forest A staff entrance
  • Utility work: clearing and grubbing, installing storm lines, removing existing catch basins, drilling and installing new catch basins
  • Temporary power work: set a temporary power shed, excavate for a duct bank to the transformer, and potentially install two power poles (Seattle City Light)
  • Excavate and grade for curbs; form and pour new curbs

The demolition will be very noisy, while most other tasks will create normal levels of construction noise. This work will also generate some dust; dust abatement measures will be used to minimize the impact. 
All work will take place within standard construction hours: 8-6pm Monday to Friday, and 9-6 p.m. on Saturday. Work will not occur on Sunday.
For questions call 206-987-8000 or email construction@seattlechildrens.org.