Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hospital's New Helistop Ready For Landings

Helipad test

Airlift Northwest completed a test flight last week at the Hospital's new helistop, located in the southwest corner of the parking area for the new building close to Sand Point Way. It will replace the existing helistop when the new wing opens in the next week or so.

The Hospital blog said:
The test flight allowed the airlift team to evaluate the landing site and simulate transferring a patient from the helicopter to the new Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit inside Building Hope. 
“The test flight was a very useful and well-executed learning opportunity without the stress of having an actual patient on board,” said Dr. Tony Woodward, who leads emergency medicine at Seattle Children’s. “We don’t anticipate needing any additional test flights.” 
Only the most critically ill or injured children – those in imminent danger – are airlifted to Children’s. Those who are seriously ill or injured but not in imminent danger land at the University of Washington and are transported to Children’s by ambulance. Over the last 10 years, an average of four to five patients a month have been airlifted directly to Children’s.

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