Monday, June 12, 2017

Tonight Laurelhurst Community Club's Annual Meeting

Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC), is holding its Annual Neighbor's Meeting tonight from 6:45 - 8:45pm at the Laurelhurst Community Center.

LCC will present updates on key land use issues, which have all been
covered in the Laurelhurst Blog (subscribe to daily posts here): 
The Keynote Speaker will be John Wilson -King County Assessor who will give an update on tax assessments and answer questions about property taxes, and senior programs to help with affordability.

Here is the agenda:
6:45     Reception:  Visit with neighbors and guests and enjoy refreshments.   
7:00     Welcome and Community Club Business
·         Welcome, Jeannie Hale, LCC President
·         Treasurer’s Report (available at sign-in table)
·         Election of Trustees
7:15      John Wilson, King County Assessor: 
Why are our property taxes so high? How are property taxes  calculated? How have things changed with a new County Assessor?  Get your questions answered.  
8:15      Issues in or affecting the Neighborhood
·         Crime Prevention/Private Security:  Brian McMullen
·         Emergency Preparedness:  John Temple
·         Talaris:  Brian McMullen and Colleen McAleer
·         UW Master Plan:  Kay Kelly
·         SR 520:  Colleen McAleer
·         Other Land Use Issues
8:45     Adjourn

LCC will be accepting any donations for the University District Food Bank.

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