Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thursday Important SR520 Nighttime Noise Variance Public Meeting

The City of Seattle is holding just one public meeting on the WSDOT application to the City regarding the nighttime noise variance during the next phase of the SR520 construction on Thursday, April 6th. The City is also accepting comments through the end of that day to prc@seattle.gov

The public meeting will be from 4-6:30pm at Saint Demetrios Hall (2100 Boyer Ave. E).

WSDOT has applied for a nighttime noise variance for the next phase of SR 520 construction in Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood, which will define the allowable nighttime noise limits for Montlake Phase construction, which begins next year. The variance includes information on potential nighttime construction activities as well as noise monitoring and compliance requirements.

The Laurelhurst Community Club recently published this information in their recent newsletter: .

Nighttime Noise Variance for SR520 Requested

At a February 28 meeting with neighbors, WSDOT announced they will be asking the City of Seattle for a “Major Project Noise Variance” (Project 3027364 )on SR520 nightly construction activity. To date, contractors have had piece meal variances for different sections. This permit, if granted, would outright entitle the contractor to generate noise every night at six decibels over what WSDOT predetermines as “the average” noise measured at night.
Neighbors attending the meeting expressed skepticism that WSDOT and its contractors and the City could establish a reasonable noise level that would be tolerable every night or a system where violations could be documented and corrected. WSDOT offered a 24/7 noise monitor and a hotline as assurance.

LCC told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff:

Laurelhurst , Madison Park and Medina have all suffered through a very noisy construction period, and what WSDOT wants the City of Seattle to do is grant them a  permanent noise variance which is 10% over the current noise for the 8 year (or more) duration of the rest of the SR520 project.

Noise carries across the water very loudly up to residences all over our community. LCC encourages all neighbors to attend this very important meeting impacting our neighborhood for years to come.

The presentation, display boards, meeting summary, and a short Question and Answer (Q&A) document from the February 28 informational meeting can be found on the SR 520 website.

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