Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Deer Sightings Near Talaris And Lots of Rabbits

Deer spotted at
Center for Urban Horticulture

The Laurelhurst Blog has received emails from several neighbors about seeing deer:

A male deer walked by our house on NE 41st Street and walked along the Talaris grass then headed west.
Last week a deer walked by our house on NE 38th Street and 42nd Avenue NE.  We watched it walk around the corner at the bottom of Suicide Hill. 
We saw a deer at the Union Bay Natural Area.  I hope this young buck finds a doe to join him before Fall. This deer is a nice addition to the great charm of UBNA.  Hopefully no one will feel the need to murder him as the Talaris owner did to the three resident coyotes.

A representative from the Center of Urban Horticulture said:

We have seen the buck around a fair amount.  It is a great pleasure.  We think they are swimming in from other locations.  Let’s hope there is a female coming.

Neighbors are also curious about the rabbits in the area saying:

Seems as if there has been an explosion in the number of rabbits in the neighborhood.  I noticed it way before SDOT's "restoration" work began, and before the 3 coyotes were murdered at Talaris. Rabbits (cottontails?), young as well as mature, can now be seen pretty much everywhere in the Town of Yesler, as well as in UBNA of course.  I have seen them, mainly late in the day,  anywhere south of 44th street, as far as I am concerned..

A representative from the Center of Urban Horticulture said:

When I spoke with the USDA regarding the coyote incident we chatted about the upswing in the rabbit population.  It is apparently a peak throughout western Washington.  This was a good reason to have the coyotes around.  The rabbits have been seen in large numbers all over Seattle.


John E Vidale said...

Not positive, but I thought I saw a smallish and skittish coyote around midnight on my way home through UBNA last week. Certainly there have been plenty of rabbits.

Robin Chalmers said...

The deer and all the bunnies take one look at the state of the Talaris site and think it's the wild, hence they will roam towards it.

Robin Chalmers