Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Car Wheels/Tires Stolen From Long-Time Parked Car Near Katterman's

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

On the night of July 11th, someone decided to steal the four wheels/tires from this vehicle parked at the northwest corner of 47th Avenue NE and NE 54th Street near Katterman's. Police were called and responded.
The car, still parked there, has not been moved for over a month and has very expired tags. Before that, it was sitting around the corner for weeks.  Before that, around another corner where it collected a "move in 72 hours or it gets towed sticker."  So someone has reported this vehicle to the proper department.   
The vehicle belongs to the brother of a neighbor who lives on the street and neighbors have no idea where the brother is or where he lives.  I don't know the brother's situation,  maybe he's serving in the military or something?  
Regardless of how long its been sitting there, at least it was washed recently after the moss was hiding it's real color, it is disturbing to know somebody is lurking around our neighborhoods at night willing and prepared to steal our stuff.

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