Friday, June 3, 2016

New Picture Of Eagles In Nest And An Update

Neighbors living close to the long-time eagles nest, just off of 41st Avenue NE, on the Talaris property, have been keeping the Laurelhurst Blog informed of the activity over the last several years.

Last month, a neighbor reported:
The adults spent far less time sprucing up the place with new greenery and just hanging around the nest as laying time approached, than in past years.   There have been juveniles around quite often as well, often crying for food.   They must be last years kids because the adults didn't drive them away summarily as they might have done in previous years.
We were surprised this year to have a reasonable line of sight into the nest from the backyard.  Imagine my surprise today when I saw 3 chicks waiting to be fed not two!  This the first time since they established the nest 2008.  Three is a large number for the parents to support, usually one doesn’t make it.   
The parents get pretty casual about feeding.  First they cut things into bits and fill the most available open bill, then they go to just cutting things up and leaving.  The chicks sort out the pecking order; it is the survival of the fittest. 
The nest is really deep and the leaves are obstructing the view from almost anywhere, including my house, but there are regular coming and goings, again without much chatter. I  can confirm that there was an adult in the nest full time by March 29th. 

This week a neighbor sent the picture above and reported:
In the photo is the parent with the white head and is cutting up dinner.  Immediately behind the adult's head, low down is one chick looking toward the camera.  Its beak is light tan and triangular.  To the right is a second chick and if you look under its bill, you can see the bill of #3 whose body outlines its sib.

This nest has been popular for nearby residents to avidly keep an eye on.  Last March and in May 2014, eagle chicks were sighted by residents on Surber Drive. In April of last year, a neighbor sent a video of the activity.  And in early 2013 there were more baby eagle sightings.

In September of 2013, residents were concerned about the eagles when suddenly 
a black vinyl fence was put up around the nest. Neighbors were again concerned last May when many reported hearing dump trucks and seeing a digging machine too close to the eagles nest.  A Talaris representative said that grinding and repaving a portion of the asphalt driveway that had several cracks and potholes in it were being repaired.

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