Friday, May 6, 2016

Talaris Finally Cuts The Very Long Grass At The Meadow Along NE 41st Street




meadow at Talaris finally mowed yesterday

Neighbors living near Talaris were happy yesterday to see a small tractor moving the grassy "meadow" area, as neighbors refer to it, that runs along NE 41st Street.

One neighbor reported that the grass had grown to about 24 inches high and was  "looking awful."

For decades, the large grassy area was popular for sports teams to use for practices until Talaris suddenly put up a fence around the entire property  in September of 2013. 

Neighbors were very upset as they and others had been enjoying the area for so many years.  One neighbor reported, at that time, that Talaris had asked kids to leave who had shown up for practice, "despite the fact they’ve used that area forever, no one else uses it and it doesn’t bother anyone."

Yesterday a nearby neighbor wrote:

They are mowing the meadow and cut most of it.  They didn't mow along the fence, because the tractor couldn’t go there.  It’s still messy but looks a lot  better.   
Many of us neighbors let the property manager know how much it matters to us that the property looks loved and well-cared-for.  I even offered to the manager to pay for it or even do it.   
I always thank the manager profusely from all of us and express gratitude and appreciation for every effort that is made to maintain the grounds, in spite of the great expense of doing so.   
We hope that they do the whole “meadow” because it will make the job smaller when they have to do it before 4th of July. 
Looking forward to getting the medians spruced up as well in front of Talaris. It will be nice to have the entrance to our neighborhood look well-cared for again!

Coincidentally, yesterday another nearby neighbor who reported that while the mowing was going on, the eagles, as reported in yesterday's Laurelhurst Blog post, "seemed stressed."

The neighbor added:

Sounds almost like grating gravel at the site and I can hear the eagles and they seem stressed.  I am unable to see the nest or the eagles but heard agitated vocalizations - not sure of bird terminology.  
I hear them every morning and in the evening and when the noise was going on, the sounds were different and more rapid in nature. To me, not an ornithologist, it sounded stressed because it was not typical, heard during an unusual time and at the same time the intrusion  -  or graveling /loud scraping sounds were made.

The Laurelhurst Blog reported about the same overgrown grass problem in May of last year after receiving numerous  complaints about it.  Patients at the nearby dental office on the backside of their property were also complaining that they looked out the big picture windows "onto a mess."

Nathan Rimmer,  one of the representatives for Talaris owner, Bruce Mc Caw under the name 4000 Property LLC, told the Laurelhurst Blog staff last year that:

Talaris cut back on some site and building maintenance last fall to help relieve the annual operating loss.  Landscaping was part of that.
At that time, neighbors became more and more worried about the tall dry grass, hot weather and impending 4th of July firecrackers and continued to voice concerns. 

A Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) representative attended a Landmarks Board Meeting, at the time, and showed six  8 X 10 inch photos of "the tall grass and deteriorated conditions of the landscape at Talaris."

A nearby neighbor also went to the fire station  to voice concerns about Talaris not cutting the grass and the possibility of a fire.

Finally, Talaris finally cut the grass two days before the 4th of July holiday.


Kids playing soccer on meadow grass strip on NE 41st and
No Trespassing sign on tree put up (September 2013)





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