Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Is Talaris No Longer Cutting Their Grass?


The Laurelhurst Blog has received many complaints about the overgrown grass at Talaris.on NE 41st Street.

And the Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) has also received inquiries about why suddenly the grass is no longer being maintained. 

Patients at the nearby dental office on the backside of their property have complained that they look out the big picture windows "onto a mess."

Nathan Rimmer,  one of the representatives for Talaris owner, Bruce Mc Caw under the name 4000 Property LLC, said  "Talaris cut back on some site and building maintenance last fall to help relieve the annual operating loss.  Landscaping was part of that."

LCC has said: 
LCC continually receives messages about the lack of maintenance of the areas of the Talaris property that abut the neighborhood.  The lack of maintenance has been a problem and we’ve heard from many neighbors about it.   
Neighbors take great pride in our community and it is stressful when a large property owner does not have the same commitment. 

LCC has sent email to the property representatives asking what their plans are to address this issue and is awaiting a response. And the Laurelhurst Blog sent email over two weeks ago and is also anticipating an answer.

Comments received from neighbors:
I imagine you've been hearing from more than one neighbor about the lack of care being given to the field at Talaris that runs along NE 41st Street. The lawn has become very overgrown and is not being cared for. That beautiful piece of land is becoming an eyesore. If you have any knowledge of what their plan for upkeep is, I would love to hear just looks as though they haven't mowed the grass in weeks.  It makes me wonder if their plan is to let it grow wild given that some areas on the property have been mowed. 
Is it too much to ask that Mr. McCaw mow the lawn on 41stAs a responsible owner I feel he should maintain the property and certainly he has the fund to do so. 
Has Talaris suddenly stopped mowing to get back at the neighborhood for not wanting their huge development? Certainly they have the financial resources to do the mowing with such a big development looming. And certainly McCaw has the funds - to say they don't is an insult to the neighborhood, as it is completely not true.  
We have noticed that the lawn is no longer being regularly attended to, as it used to be.  Some areas are mowed while others aren't in an irregular manner which looks very odd, almost like a Mohawk.  
Talaris has always been well-maintained over the many, many years and neighbors have always enjoyed the  beautiful grounds and until several years ago actually going onto the campus to enjoy the grounds. Never has it been  unkempt with no care to being a good neighbor and maintaining the grounds. especially as it is now.  The Laurelhurst community prides itself on being considerate of its neighbors, in word and in deed by owners and businesses maintaining their public facing areas. Certainly Talaris can afford moving their grass! 
I noticed it as well-very overgrown- a jungle out there. Why has the lawn maintenance suddenly stopped. It looks awful!
We are wondering why Talaris is not mowing the "play field" grass.  I would like to believe it's because of the nesting eagles, but one never knows with those folks. 
It is curious why Talaris hasn't mowed the grass in weeks.  It makes me wonder if their plan is to let it grow wild given that some areas on the property have been mowed. 
The lawn mowing at Talaris seems to have stopped since it looks really overgrown on the 41st side, except around the two entrances so it’s very odd looking.  
We hope that Talaris as one of our business neighbors will do its part to maintain its property just as we do with our homes. The hospital maintains its property That is what a neighborhood is, having respect for neighbors by  maintaining ones property, whether it be a private residents or business.

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robin chalmers said...

I agree 100% with the comments concerning the lack of maintenance to the grass along NE 41st on the Talaris grounds.
On the other hand we neighbors can now walk our dogs in the long grass and no one in Talaris will ever notice us.
Robin Chalmers