Friday, September 13, 2013

Chain Link Fence Appears To Be Going Up At Talaris Campus And The Sudden End Of Decades Of Enjoyment For Neighbors

Chain link fence materials dropped off at Talaris yesterday

Kids playing soccer on large grass strip on 41st and new No Trespassing sign on tree 

It looks as if the representatives for Talaris are preparing to fence off the property, as chain link fencing supplies were delivered yesterday right where children have for decades played soccer on NE 41st Street. 

What seems most baffling to neighbors, from comments the Blog Staff has received, is that the owners gave no neighborly notice, only that of the Criminal No Trepassing signs suddenly put up yesterday.

And in addition, since the Battelle Memorial Institute came to Laurelhurst decades ago, owners have consistently been good neighbors welcoming residents to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the site, which suddenly and abruptly ended yesterday.

Here is what a neighbor told us yesterday afternoon about 2pm:
They appear to be ready to fence off the soccer field NE 41st Street strip, just south of the easternmost entrance to Talaris.  There are bags of concrete and stacks of poles and 4 foot chain-link fencing.  All marked off, no trespassing signs up, guy appears to be patrolling it and has taken photos of us and our dogs.

Here are comments received: 
Are they likely to throw up a fence overnight!  This is just awful. So so depressing.
Their timing is suspect.
Is it possible to tell Talaris that this is turning supporters of preservation against any cooperation with the owners? Two fellow walkers also said as much.
It's outrageous. We've had access to that property for decades. They are acting like bullies. Bad bad message to send.
We do not understand why the Talaris folks are banning the neighborhood from the property? Access to the property has been allowed to and agreed up with the succession of owners for many, many years.
Looks like they, the LLC that owns the property, are playing hard ball.

We hope that Talaris will abide by the law and provide a sidewalk along 41st   as that was part of the owners last development plan agreed to with LCC and likely to be required by DPD with any permit they seek. With the new fence hopefully residents wil be safe and won't have to walk on the narrow roadway as that would have a major impact on their safety.
I would  like to understand what is happening now with the property and why the owners would decide to prevent us from using it.
Who is Talaris trying to punish punish with this move. Can you imagine the faces of the soccer team kids when they come for practice and are cut off from their field by a chain link fence? I have always loved hearing them practice in the fall and my heart is broken for them now.

I heard that the kids were asked to leave. Is that true? Was it Nathan?


I  live in Laurelhurst and have also enjoyed the Talaris property for many years. All of my kids had soccer practice on that field They have all played touch football and had other activities there as well. My dogs have enjoyed playing fetch on the property too. Our family treasures that property, and we are thankful for the many years we have been able to enjoy the property.

We understand that the property is actually public access by tradition, in that the owners have always let the neighbors use the property. When the current owners, the McCaws, bought the property years ago there were no concerns about public accessto the property. It wasn't until yesterday that the signs went up suddenly the public use was stopped.


Kids huddling with coach

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