Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Another Coyote Sighting (With Pictures) At Union Bay Natural Area

Recently, the Laurelhurst Blog has posted several times about coyote sightings, especially near the Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st Street).

Here is another neighbor's account of another sighting just a few days ago:
On the morning of March 21, I was down running with my dogs in the Arboretum doing the loop when I saw these guys.  I've heard tell that coyotes were there, but was skeptical until now.  Of course not another person came by so I could point them out. I've sent you pictures. 
Here are other coyote sightings from neighbors published in past posts:

On January 26, I just saw a coyote running south on 42nd Avenue NE turning west on NE Surber Drive heading towards Yesler swamp about 7pm last night.  I had a clear look at it it was very definitely a coyote.  My wife reminded me about us hearing a coyote howling a few days ago after hearing a siren. No photos as it was too dark. I am certain it is a coyote. It was very skinny with long legs, maybe 30 lbs. I got the impression it is quite young. Light brown with long nose and pointed ears.  My wife and I heard it ululating in response to a siren a few days ago. It sounded like it was just south of the Urban Horticulture Field House. 
On January 26, I saw a coyote running south on 42nd Avenue NE, turning west on NE Surber Drive, heading towards Yesler Swamp, near the Center for Urban Horticulture. 
On January 8th, I saw a Red Fox that ran across my path this morning  on the main trail through the Union Bay Forest.  I was on my bike and he went across the trail in a shot. No time to get out my phone.
Here is information on living with urban coyotes.

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