Thursday, March 24, 2016

SR520 Bridge Replacement Update

This information was recently sent out:

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SR 520 WABN project hits key milestone

After a busy week of nighttime work, crews installed 12 girders on the solid, bridge columns for the SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project. The 150-foot long girders were delivered to the construction site where crews used two large cranes to lift and place them into position on Lake Washington.
Check out pictures of this major operation on the WSDOT Flickr website and a new time-lapse video of crews setting the first three girders. Overall, crews will install a total of 353 girders. 



Update on timetable for ‘Rest of the West’ projects

As you may know, the remaining, not-yet-constructed improvements to SR 520 in Seattle – we call them “the Rest of the West” – received full funding last year when the Legislature passed the Connecting Washington transportation package. Because the funding was spread out over a number of years, these SR 520 improvements will be built in phases. WSDOT is now preparing for construction of the first phase. 
Expected to begin in 2018, the next phase of SR 520 construction is planned to include: 
  • The West Approach Bridge South. This is a parallel structure to the West Approach Bridge North, now under construction and scheduled to open to traffic in summer 2017. 
  • The new Montlake interchange and lid. These improvements will provide a new mobility hub with transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, safe and comfortable travel connections, and public open space.

Future project phases of the Rest of the West are planned to include:
  • A seismically stronger Portage Bay Bridge to replace the existing, hollow-column bridge, which is vulnerable to earthquakes.
  • A community-connecting highway lid between 10th Avenue East and Delmar Drive East.A new, second bascule bridge across the Montlake Cut.
  • A 30-foot-wide, landscaped bicycle and pedestrian shared-use path over I-5, as well as a new reversible direct-access ramp between SR 520 and the I-5 express lanes for buses and carpools.
  • A new, second bascule bridge across the Montlake Cut.
Stay informed!
We’ll keep you informed in future email updates and postings on our project website as we move closer to the start of construction for the Rest of the West. And we’ll be sure to let you know about open houses we’re planning and other opportunities for you to view design updates and to hear about WSDOT’s contracting process and construction plans

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