Thursday, January 28, 2016

Update On Talaris Re-Development

Talaris Campus (courtesy of Talaris website)

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) recently published an update about the Talaris re-development status of the 18-acre historically designated site in their newsletter:

LCC Talaris Update – More Options Studied
Talaris owners, the City of Seattle, the Seattle Landmark’s Board, and LCC have been working on a new development plan for the site for more than two years.  
In early December 2015, the property representative, Greg Vik, filed a motion in King County Superior Court to extend their LUPA (Land Use Petition Act) for another six months.
In that document 4000 Property LLC stated that they needed more time to explore additional options including but not limited to: a plan for a Planned Residential Development; a conversion of all landmarked buildings for commercial use with a 32-plat layout for housing; a conversion of some existing buildings into micro housing; and the development of the entire site into a private school campus.  
LCC continues to work with the owners and the City to find an appropriate solution for this property, located in single-family residential zoning.  
LCC also has expressed concerns about the site’s deteriorating landscaping in keeping with the underlying Settlement Agreement.

LCC also told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff that Landmarks Board and the Superior Court both gave Talaris a three-month extension. 

In January of last year, Talaris architects presented three preliminary redevelopment plans, as required, to the Landmarks Preservation Board, LCC, and others.

Option 1 would include 37 housing units with no removal of existing buildings.

Option 2 would include 63 housing units and remove existing Building G.

Option 3 would remove Building G and the lodge and would add 72 single-family homes and townhouses. The single-family homes would be along the perimeter of the site. Attached townhouses make up the bulk of the new homes and would be located in the site’s interior area.

Options 2 and 3 would retain the existing buildings (except for the lodge and Building G) for the owner’s economic use, such as for short- or long-term leases. 

Here is the timeline of Talaris events concerning the re-development request and landmark status which was granted in November of 2013.

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