Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eagle Chick(s) Sighted By Two Nearby Neighbors At Talaris

We received these two emails from residents on Surber Drive with the great news about the eaglets nesting in a tree on the Talaris property:

Great news!  On Sunday, using a spotting scope from our backyard, we sighted one eagle chick in the nest, as it was being fed.  We observed closely, and didn't see any sign of a second chick.  Also, several times we think that we have heard the eagle chick calling to its parents.  We were quite concerned when, last December, we saw a bad windstorm blow down 95% of the nest.  We were very heartened, however, to see the eagles return three hours after the storm to begin rebuilding.
And the second email:
Nest report - finally was able to see with our scope, 1 and likely 2 chicks (leaves get in the way) being stuffed by a patient  parent this afternoon.  The chick is dark brown with tuffets of down still sticking out here and there, about the size of a chicken.  Both parents are away from the nest now scouring the pantry for prey items.  It seems to be more fish than fowl this year.

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