Friday, August 2, 2013

Eaglets At Talaris Now Leaving Nest And Flying

Eaglets (picture taken 7/11/13)

As many neighbors living near Talaris have noticed, the fence has been taken down near the eaglets, as we have heard that the baby eagles are off the ground and flying. 

A worker at Talaris told us that the the eaglets "willl probably stick around the nest for a while before the parents force them out."

The baby eagles, one male and one female, have been at risk for a few months and a fence was put up to protec them, as people were getting too close to them trying to get a good view.
Disturbing the eaglets at this time during their nesting season, which goes until August 15th, is a Federal Offense and can be cause for a fine. The do not disturb rule includes a 150 ft range. 

Bald eagles are protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The US Fish and Wildlife has guidelines to avoid disturbance to nesting bald eagles.


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