Friday, July 5, 2013

Update On Baby Eagles At Talaris

We received this information from Nathan Rimmer, representative for 4000 Property LLC, owner of the Talaris campus, who was mentioned by a neighbor in the information we posted Tuesday regarding the fledging eagles at risk.

Here is what he writes: 

We have been in regular contact with our wildlife biologist who knows this nest well, and the USFW eagle biologist over the eaglets on the ground at Talaris. They recommended discussing with naturalist Kevin Mack at PAWS. I met with Kevin at the property Wednesday afternoon to observe the eagles behavior. 
He said that both eagles are in good health. There is one male and one female. The parents are actively communicating with the juveniles and providing food – they have not been kicked out of the nest. He figures they both left the nest too early.  
It’s a natural occurrence, but is rare for it to happen to both at the same time. We witnessed both of them doing quite a bit of wing flapping, which he said is mostly working up the strength to fly to a perch in order to make a full flight. He figures that within 3-7 days they will be flying.

He said that the measures we’ve taken to help these eagles is good. The low-profile fencing is better for the eagles as it keeps more people from being attracted to the site as they walk by. 
He did recommend that as an added precaution, that if possible we temporarily close the section of access road nearest to the birds. We have put up an orderly closure on both the outside and inside of that road to keep drivers and foot traffic away.

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