Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flooring Store Moving Into Old Bob's Bike And Board Next Month

Jim and Alaria's current Flooring America store

Flooring America, specializing in flooring sales and design, will be moving into the old Bob's Bike and Board space (3605 NE 45th Street) and opening in beginning to mid-March.

Bob's popular store was  vacated in December  and moved to 5206 University Avenue in the University District.

The owners of Flooring America, Jim Heiderich and his daughter Ilaria Hare Heiderich, have been in the neighborhood for years as the Hare family once lived on on 44th Avenue NE.  Jim still resides nearby, just off of Sand Point Way and Ivanhoe Place. 

Jim started Floorworks, the commercial division, over 20 years ago with their first office located right off of Blakely Avenue NE.  About ten years ago, he  joined Flooring America, a coop consisting of over 500 privately owned stores nationwide, that assists its members of the individully owned stores with support back-up and retail buying.

Ilaria started working for her dad when she was 14, then while in College, worked at another locally owned Flooring America in Spokane and upon graduation joined her dad full time.

In addition to offering customers a wide variety of flooring options, including tile and vinyl, and design assistance, Ilaria told us that they also offer hardwood floor refinishing that is non-toxic and dust free.  

Floorworks also offers insurance restoration to home owners or businesses that have submitted claims for damage. Ilaria told us that unlike big box stores who sub out their contactors to do the work, Flooworks has their own staff of  installers and crafstmen who have worked for them for many years.

Floorworks has done several commercial projects at the downtown Seattle Public Library, Westin Hotel, Aljoya on Mercer Island and one of the terminals at the Airport.

Alaria told us that they think the new location is ideal for a flooring retailer as the nearby mostly single family neighborhoods are "experiencing a new influx of ownerhsip," with older people moving out and new couples and families moving in. 

She said their new location will "play well" with the University Village home furnishing stores. And added to that she read that over 36,000 cars pass their new location daily

Jim and Ilaria are excited to open their new store in Laurelhurst and  meet neighbors as well as get involved with the community.

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