Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interesting Movie Showing Tonight At Acupuncture School On Talaris Campus

WuHsing Tao School of Acupunture (4000 NE 41st Street., Building. D), on the Talaris Campus, is hosting a monthly movie night starting tonight at 7:15pm with the showing of the award winning film "I Am." 

Iman, with the school, told us that the monthly movie evenings are "dedicated to the five elements, the seasons, and those who inspire us "and the movies are chosen "based on the Season, Element, Emotion, Persona, or other Metaphoric Investigations. "

"I Am" won the Audience Choice Award and the Student Choice Award at the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride Colorado, where it premiered in May and has also received rave reviews.

The movie premiered in Seattle in February of last year at the Landmark Theatre.
Everyone is invited to the movie evening and there is a suggested donation of $3-5.  There will be snacks and popcorn offered  and all donations received will go towards a student scholarship fund that goes directly to WuHsing Tao Students.

Here is information about "I Am":
Tom Shadyac, the filmmaker, is one of Hollywood’s leading comedy practitioners and the creative force behind such blockbusters as “Ace Ventura,” “Liar Liar,” “The Nutty Professor,” and “Bruce Almighty.”  

In I AM,  a documentary, Shadyac asks some of today’s most profound thinkers, two questions – What’s wrong with our world, and what can we do about it?

Shadyac steps in front of the camera to recount what happened to him after a cycling accident left him incapacitated, possibly for good. Though he ultimately recovered, he emerged with a new sense of purpose, determined to share his own awakening to his prior life of excess and greed, and to investigate how he as an individual, and we as a race, could improve the way we live and walk in the world.

Armed with nothing but his innate curiosity and a small crew to film his adventures, Shadyac set out on a twenty-first century quest for enlightenment.  Meeting with a variety of thinkers and doers–remarkable men and women from the worlds of science, philosophy, academia, and faith–including such luminaries as David Suzuki, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lynne McTaggart, Ray Anderson, John Francis, Coleman Barks, and Marc Ian Barasch –  Shadyac appears on-screen as character, commentator, guide, and even, at times, guinea pig.

An irrepressible “Everyman” who asks tough questions, but offers no easy answers, he takes the audience to places it has never been before, and presents even familiar phenomena in completely new and different ways. 

I AM is an utterly engaging and entertaining non-fiction film that poses two practical and provocative questions: what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better?

The result is a fresh, energetic, and life-affirming film that challenges our preconceptions about human behavior while simultaneously celebrating the indomitable human spirit.
(photo courtesy of "I Am" website)

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