Friday, December 2, 2011

Bob's Bike And Board Has Moved To The University District

Bob's Bike and Board, formerly located on NE 45th Street in Laurelhurst, has just moved to the University District.

Bob wrote to us:
I just could not keep treading water in the big space that I was in.  And my children are growing up fast and I need to spend more time with them.

My new location is at 5206 University Avenue. I will try to get it organized quickly so you can come check it out.

It is a very small spot compared with the old one, but the property owner seems to appreciate my contribution to the big picture.

I will certainly miss the old location. I hope you will follow my move and help support my new location. I should be more able to keep pace in the small space once it is set up. Until then pardon the Mess.
Bob's is a favorite place among neighbors to go for all things bike in the summer and skis and boards in the winter.  And Bob is known to be a pro at fixing bikes and tuning skis. He also carries a large variety of bikes, skis and boards, as well as offering rentals. 

Here is a previous post we did about how Bob's Bike and Board store came about almost 18 years ago.

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