Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Bob's Bike And Board Store Came About And Bike Repair Class Offered Tonight And Each Thursday Evening

We've heard from many readers that Bob's Bike and Board (3605 NE 45th Street) is their favorite place to go for all things bike in the summer and skis and boards in the winter.

Bob is known to be a pro at fixing bikes and tuning skis. He also carries a large variety of bikes, skis and boards, as well as offering rentals. 

One loyal customer wrote to us that "he is a great bike mechanic. And not only did he tune up my bike, but he totally cleaned it up and gave me pride back in my every day biking commute to work."

Other readers wrote us that they have bought new and used bikes at Bob's for their kids and his prices are always competitive.

Another reader tipped us that Bob is offering bike repair classes on Thursday evenings at 6pm. We checked with Bob on that and he told us that he is offering the classes "to share my experience with others." Bob will teach the basics in tire repair and gear adjustment "or more as guided by the participants."

One of our staffers though it would be fun to learn more about Bob, the owner, and the history of his store. He sent us a very interesting, informative and animated email:

I started working at this shop 7 years into my bicycle shop path. 1992 I started at the UW and needed a part time job. John at BC another local shop placed an add for help wanted in the paper so I rode over to apply. When I arrived to deliver my resume, John greeted me by shoving my bicycle out of his shop.

As I rode away I noticed Al Young Bike and Ski across the street. A sign claimed the friendliest shop in Seattle. I rolled up and was greeted by a cheerful young lady named Julia that eagerly accepted my resume and relayed it to Al. I was working there the following week. After ten years as an employee Al retired and I became President. The American nightmare come true.

Working on bicycles and anything that needs to be repaired or modified has been in my blood from birth.  I learned to ride my bike without the training wheels at 3, after parking it behind the car getting it run over then removing them myself due to damage and riding away.

The freedom I got never ended. At 5 I received a new 20” bicycle and rode away until 11:30 pm.I got the bicycle back the following week with the promise that I would be walking if I didn’t come home by dark.

This shop is the job for me. I enjoy the work and the people that have supported me through the years. My skill is fixing things and storing product information. Bicycles, skis, snowboards, kayaks, and kites, are just a few of the toys I enjoy.

I have rented skis to the neighborhood so long that some of my earliest customers are bringing in  their children to get skis now. It is a pleasure to share in the tales of adventure and see the progress and confidence as children learn new sports.

The local unicycle program is a great example of sports impact.

And not many places let you have your dog working with you either. Ruby is the most interesting thing in the shop now I think.

(photo above courtesy of Bob's Bike and Board website)

Bob's dog, Ruby

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