Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Lights Stolen From Front Yards

We've received a few emails recently from neighbors about holiday lights being stolen:
On 42nd Avenue NE. someone stole a red three candy cane set of outdoor lights on 12/19/2011.  How low can you go?  Not a big deal but kind of troublesome.
A neighbor around the 4500 block of 54th Avenue N.E. was surprised to find the Christmas lights were stolen off the bushes in their front yard last night....  Were there any Grinch sightings in the neighborhood the last few days?
There seems to be an increasing number of thefts from outdoor Christmas displays this year. One house that has an extensive display in the 4100 block of 42nd Avenue NE, lost a lighted Santa off of their front porch.  Other neighbors elsewhere in Laurelhurst have reported stolen lights and wreaths.
Unfortunately last year as well, a reader wrote to us of lights being vandalized. 

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