Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Lights In Tree In Front of House Near Beach Club Cut By Alledged Vandals

A reader who lives near the intersection of 50th Avenue NE and N.E. 41st Street just up the hill from the Beach Club,  wrote in to us about this account of their Christmas lights outside their house recently being cut by vandals:

"At first we blamed the squirrels, but when we found that the string of Christmas lights on the tree in front of our house had been neatly severed in several places, we realized that not even the sharpest of rodent teeth could do that sort of damage. It's a shame, but in the circumstances, we haven't the heart to replace the lights. So for the rest of the holidays, all will be calm, all will be dark, especially if the vandals come back to extinguish the lights on the west side of our house! Bah, humbug!"

The reader sent us an update late yesterday saying that they had  "found another single string of lights, so we have a meager display--but who knows what the coming dark will bring. We're and some of our neighbors have large light displays. We hope they won't be targeted."

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