Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reader Reports Possible Sighting Of Man Who Has Been Stealing Items From Houses

A reader who lives on the 3300 block of 43rd Avenue, near Webster Point sent us email that a man, similar looking to the one whose photo we posted stealing the bike last week, may have been in the neighborhood again two days ago.

The reader told us that two weeks ago three boxes were stolen off the front porch of their house, which unfortunately included Easter baskets from grandparents for the kids, and also some travel gifts.

She said that before that time her family has never had packages taken before.

She goes on to say "We were thus particularly interested to see your post about the guy who was stealing bikes in broad daylight out of a garage (that happened to be in the rough area of our house). I forwarded your blog post with the photos to our nannies."

The reader reported that on Tuesday at 4:30pm, their nanny was out in front of their house and saw a man who looked similar to the one in the photo, except he was wearing sun glasses.

The man was driving a white Toyota sedan that is damaged on the right rear with a license plate ending in KEX.

The nanny said this man was driving very slowly up the street looking at houses and when he reached the end of the block turned around and drove back down the street again slowly.

There were a bunch of boxes in the man's back seat that the nanny saw. When the man noticed that he was being watched by the nanny,  he waived at her and drove away.

The reader said she called the Police and said dispatch did not take down the information and said to call again when the man was seen again in the neighborhood.

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