Thursday, May 5, 2011

870 Socks Sent To Japan And Shipping Costs Covered By Bake Sale And Other Donations

Last month we did a post about two current Laurelhurst Elementary School students, Taya and Charlotte, who coordinated a special local program called "Operation Heart and Sole" collecting new socks and personal letters of support for those affected by the disaster in Japan  through an international program called Socks For Japan.

One of the parents involved sent us email with the final outcome of the sock and letter drive.

870 pairs of socks and accompanying letters for earthquake/tsunami survivors in Japan were collected.

Donations came in from various places - the school, general community and Microsoft employees, who bought cookies from Taya or simply donated money to pay for shipping.  The Microsoft Mac Business Unit donated $394.

The Laurelhurst Girl Scout Troop 41811 raised $503.45 with their after-school bake sale (to pay for shipping overseas).

The shipping cost came to $421.80 and the surplus of $475.65 has been donated to Habitat for Humanity in Japan.

Socks were generally donated along with letters, translated into Japanese by Taya's mom.

However, many socks were donated without letters. So Mrs. Thomas' 1st Grade class practiced their letter writing skills and also drew beautiful pictures to go along with their letters.

"Taya and Charlotte are thankful for the support of their Girl Scout Troop 41811, classmates and their neighbors. The success of their sock drive surpassed expectations and will be a morale boost to our friends in Japan," the parent involved with the drive told us.

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