Friday, April 22, 2011

Reader Reports "Suspicious Scam Artists In The neighborho​od"

We received the following email from a reader who lives on West Laurelhurst Drive:

There are two African American men walking through the Laurelhurst neighborhood along East and West Laurel Drive, acting as salesmen without ID or products that they're supposively selling. This is the third day that I saw them walking in the same exact area. I notified the police & was told to dial 911 if I see them again.

The man spoke about selling magazines and then he said he was working on his social skills. The more he spoke the more he didn't make sense. I became more suspicious when he was still lurking around with a partner.

What disturbed me the most was that this "guy" knew that my neighbor had a library in her house. When I asked my neighbor about this she was shocked because she never spoke with him.

I would like my neighbors to be on alert.

It is not known if these two men are the same as the ones reported by another reader in a post we did last Friday.

However the description of the men is similar as well as what they say - that they are also wanting to work on their "social skills" as well as trying to sell magazine subscriptions.

Other readers left comments after the post of similar encounters:
  • This same gentleman came to my door. I tried calling the non-emergency police hotline for the north precinct but no one answered. I live on the 3800 block of 49th Avenue NE.
  • Last night we had the young African American door bell ringer asking for support and funds to work on his 'people skills'--he is selling magazines to earn credits--did not mention company he's associated with.
  • Thanks for giving us the heads up in a blog a few days ago--you helped me warn my children about the correct way and when to answer the door when it's someone they don't know. We live in the 4400 block of 55th (41st feeds into 55th)
Incidentally, there have also been two African American men posing as "janitors" also knocking on doors and saying they need cash. They have been in nearby neighborhoods as described in these links from neighborhood blogs:


Anonymous said...

Looks like Wallingford has had similar "salesmen."

Anonymous said...


Yes, a person fitting this description came to our door (4500 block of 40th St) earlier this week wearing a white hooded sweater or sweatshirt. When the bell rang, I told my husband to look before opening as I had read your blog. Thanks good neighbors!

Anonymous said...

I saw one of the men walking on 47th Ave NE a block from Laurelhurst Elementary School. He was carrying a notebook, white shirt and white cap.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. One man fitting the exact description showed up at our door this evening with the same opening line. We live in the Viewridge neighborhood (75th & 45th/50th area) and I was glad to have seen this blog post as well as info passed on to community groups in this area.