Friday, April 15, 2011

Reader Reports Suspicious People In The Neighborhood

A reader that lives in the 3700 block of 47th Place NE, just sent us this email regarding suspicious behaviour, so that others will also know about these individuals:

Yesterday someone came to the door (African American) asking to "work on his social skills". My wife didn't open the door and wished him the best.

He was apparently going door to door and looking somewhat suspicious.

My mother in law lives in Hawthorn Hills and a similar incident occurred with people getting out of a black van going up and down the streets with a similar story for those who were home.


Anonymous said...

This same gentleman came to my door. I tried calling the non-emergency police hotline for the north precinct but no one answered. I live on the 3800 block of 49th ave.

Marcus Wellington said...
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Laurelhurst Blogger said...
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Anonymous said...

Last night we had the young African American door bell ringer asking for support and funds to work on his 'people skills'--he is selling magazines to earn credits--did not mention company he's associated with.

Thanks for giving us the heads up in a blog a few days ago--you helped me warn my children about the correct way and when to answer the door when it's someone they don't know.

We live in the 4400 block of 55th (41st feeds into 55th)