Friday, April 22, 2011

Helpful Information From Neighborhood BlockWatch Captain On Dealing With Solicitors

A Neighborhood Blockwatch Captain just sent us this information below, after reading the post today about suspicious solicitors in the neighorhood.

The advice he passes along from the Seattle Police Department is helpful in knowing what to do when a solicitor comes to the door.

He writes:

There have been a few reports in the neighborhood of solicitors who may be bogus.

One, or sometimes two men, come to your door and say they are working on "social skills" and it may include fake magazine sales or soliciting for money.

SPD (Seattle Police Department) says DO NOT open your door.  Say through the closed door "NO THANK YOU".

If the solicitor becomes aggressive, argumentative, looks in your window or remains on your property, call 911. Include a description of the person.

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