Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fifth Graders Form "Friends of Nature" Group and Hold Fundraiser to Benefit Animal Charities

Mr. Howard, a fifth grade teacher, at Laurelhurst Elementary School sent us this "Friends of Nature" newsletter written by Maddie B. and Vasili V., students in his classroom, documenting their work on behalf of animal charities.

Friends of Nature Newsletter

In January, some fifth graders from Laurelhurst Elementary made a group called Friends of Nature, aiming towards helping animals. Every Tuesday, they met in Mr. Howard’s classroom and discussed on how to raise money for animal charities.

After weeks of planning they had a bake sale. This bake sale was on Saturday, April 9 at Laurelhurst Park. (See picture above)

They raised money for three charities. Those charities were called Y2Y (Yellowstone to Yukon), Animal talk and WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

They were expecting to only raise 30 dollars, but instead they raised 131 dollars! That’s 100 dollars more than they expected! Overall the bake sale was a huge success.

Many students participated and did a lot of work to plan for this big event.

Spokesperson #1 said, “I just feel so happy about raising so much money for these animal charities.” Spokesperson #2 said, “The bake sale was so successful that it has boosted our group’s confidence to such a level that we are starting to believe that we can do bigger things that we ever imagined.”

This bake sale, along with a group member’s website is the start of something big.

Since the bake sale, even more people have decided to join this group. Currently, the group has 16 members.

Friends of Nature is hoping to do another bake sale soon.

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