Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New North Police Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Named

Mary Amberg
new North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator

Seattle Police Department has finally hired a Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mary Amberg, for Laurelhurst and 24 other neighborhoods in the North Precinct Area boundaries.
Sergeant Dianne Newsom, with the Seattle  Police North Precinct Community Police Team, told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff that the previous coordinator, Elizabeth Scott quit to take another job. She held the position about a year and after that it has taken quite some time to find a new Coordinator. 

Terri Johnson was in the position prior to Elizabeth for about 4 years and transferred to another Precinct in May 2014. She took over from Diane Horswill, who was in the position a number of years, and lost her position along with 5 other Crime Prevention Coordinators from other Seattle Police Precincts in March 2010 due federal grant money running out resulting in budget cuts..

Mary Amberg, is currently completing training, which she said she hopes to finish in the first week or two of February, before she steps into her new role.
Mary sent the Laurelhurst Blog Staff this information:
I have a long history of working in the Criminal Justice System. I am originally from the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. I received a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from University of Michigan.  
While going to school, I worked with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Internet Crime Unit helping them detect internet fraud and internet predator crime. I moved to Seattle about six years ago to finish my master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Seattle University.  
During that time I volunteered with the Seattle Municipal Court and worked out of the Seattle Police Department’s East precinct under their Crime Analyst at the time. Most recently I have been working downtown at Seattle Police Headquarters in the Data Unit.
The Laurelhurst Blog Staff asked Mary what her role is as Crime Prevention Coordinator and she said that it will be to "promote, organize and coordinate the participation of citizens and businesses in crime prevention program activities."
She said she will be conducting meetings with individuals, the community and business groups to provide information, training, education and problem solving on crime-related issues.
Mary will also be available to help facilitate Block Watch meetings to discuss ongoing crime problems and come up with solutions to reduce crime in the area.
Mary also added that she is an avid animal lover. She has two adorable pugs and loves riding horses.

Mary said she looks forward to hearing from community members and meeting anyone that is interesting in learning more about crime prevention.

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I have seen a pack of 4 adults in that area late at night and early in the morning. They are good-sized animals. I also stopped cutting through the center for urban horticulture when its dark.