Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Crime Prevention Coordinator For Laurelhurst And NE Neighborhoods Through The End Of The Year

Terrie Johnston has been newly assigned as Crime Prevention Coordinator (CPC) for the North Precicnt, including Laurelhurst and all neighborhoods in the North Precinct’s jurisdiction.

She is replacing Diane Horswill, the long time Crime Prevention Coordinator for the North Precinct, who lost her position in March due to budget cuts.

Each police precinct in the city has a dedicated crime prevention coordinator which has been part of the police budget until last October, when the positions switched to being paid with by federal grant money.  Last month, Diane and five other crime prevention coordinators from each of the Seattle Police Precincts lost their jobs when the grant money ran out.

The Seattle Police Department recently secured grant funding for a total of four CPCs through the end of this year.

Terrie told us that "back in the day, there were more than 21 Crime Prevention coordinators doing the work city-wide. Budget cuts reduced that number to 14, then to 7 (which we’ve had for the past several years) and alas, now we have been cut down to 3, and have been advised we will no longer be on the Police budget after 12/31/11."

Terrie will have the same responsibilities as Diane, including educating the public on ways to reduce their risk of becoming victims, acting as a liaison between neighborhoods and the police, setting up Block Watch Captains, offering ideas about crime prevetnion, discussing ongoing neighborhood crime problems, serving as a resource in helping to come up with resolutions and coordinating the yearly August Night Out Program for neighborhoods. 

There has not been a press release about the transfers of Crime Prevention Coordinators, but Terrie said she has been told the Chief’s office plans on doing one.

Terrie can be reached at 206-684-7711.

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