Friday, May 18, 2018

Laurelhurst Community Club Collecting Dues And What The Funds Go Towards

The Laurelhurst Community Club is currently collecting annual dues which go towards supporting a variety of neighborhood projects and issues.

LCC invites neighbors to its monthly meeting on the second Monday of each month at 7pm at the Laurelhurst Community Center Fireside Room. 

This information was recently published in a recent LCC newsletter:
Dues Time And A Look Back on LCC’s Work in 2017
Neighbors recently received LCC’s 2018 membership brochure and dues statement in the mail. Your $65 dues payment supports proactive efforts on land-use matters, environmental and traffic issues, crime prevention, sidewalk safety, neighborhood improvements, community forums, earthquake/emergency preparedness, newsletters, email updates, website hosting, and more.  
An extra $20 contribution pays for landscape maintenance on the Mary Gates Way / NE 41st Street planted median. Additional contributions are always welcome to support special neighborhood projects.  
LCC appreciates your continued generosity and support. Pay dues on LCC’s secure website (preferred –, Clickand Pledge) or by mail to:
Laurelhurst Community Club
PMB #373
4616 25th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98105

2017 activity highlights of your all-volunteer LCC board:
  • Along with other councils and organizations, appealed the Shoreline Permit Revision granted by the City to WSDOT for demolition and construction of the new SR520 due to potential contaminants. 
  • Continued work with SPD on public safety and increased coverage.
  • Joined LEAP (Laurelhurst Earthquake Action Preparedness) in efforts to educate and organize neighbors in the event of a major disturbance.
  • Worked with WSDOT and community coalitions on SR520 Bridge issues concerning overlighting and noise from expansion joints, as well as nighttime noise variance.
  • Continued involvement with Talaris and Seattle Landmark Preservation Board for a neighborhood-friendly Talaris redevelopment as well as more consistent property maintenance.
  • Continued to address neighbors’ concerns regarding transportation     issues and gridlock through letters to City Council, Children’s Hospital, University Village, and the University of Washington.
  • Challenged the City’s major U District Upzone through extensive comment letters in an effort to retain the character, affordability, and livability of the U District.
  • Met with Seattle Children’s Hospital on monitoring helicopter landings, traffic, and parking issues as well as plans for the construction of Forest Building B.
  • Succeeded in retaining connecting bus service between Laurelhurst and the Light Rail Station at Husky Stadium.
  • Reviewed and commented on the University of Washington’s 10-year master plan including its impact on congestion and traffic.
  • Provided input to the City of Seattle on affordable housing proposals and monitored land-use change issues such as DADUs and new row houses being built in Windermere Circle.
  • Met with representatives from Aegis Living and provided extensive written comments to consider in their planning process.
  • Invited the King County Assessor to LCC’s annual meeting for a lively presentation on property values and tax assessments.
  • Provided the private security patrol subscription service.
  • Surveyed the readership regarding the Laurelhurst Letter’s content, frequency, cost, relevance.
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