Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tomorrow Learn How To Advocate Yourself At Medical Appointments

Tomorrow from 2-3:30, NEST (Northeast Seattle Together) (7737 25th Avenue NE) which supports Northeast Seattle elder neighbors through a network of volunteers and vendors, is having a free talk called "Talking With Doctors: Empowering Yourself ."
The information says:

How can you advocate effectively during a short medical appointment?  
We’ll discuss three domains of medical information, and ways to address each of them: 1) Receiving too much medical care can harm you, which is common and how can you avoid it? 2) How much will treatment cost? Many doctors are reluctant to discuss that 3) What are your end-of-life values?  
David Ansley was a former member  of the health team at Consumer Reports. His specialty is creation and management of web-based consumer health information, such as Choosing Wisely patient resources.  Previously, he has written, edited and published medical information for the BMJ Publishing Group, Web MD, the San Jose Mercury News, and other web and print publications.

NEST is a non-profit grassroots operation serving NE Seattle seniors by creating a "virtual village" to helping them be able to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods they love. Volunteers provide companionship, care, as well as help seniors with a wide range of services, including gardening, computer help and more. to seniors aging in their homes. Ongoing classes (fitness, etc) are also offered, as well as access to events, transportation services, and various services (such as estate planners) who provide their services at a discount to members.

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