Tuesday, April 24, 2018

11 Permits Filed For Development In Nearby Area And City Eliminates Required Parking Spaces

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) published this information in a recent newsletter:

City Eliminates Required Parking Spaces 
New legislation is highly likely to increase street parking in residential neighborhoods, since developers will no longer be required to provide parking. 
In our area, nearby Union Bay Place has very few sidewalks, making it unsafe and inaccessible for pedestrians. It’s not bike friendly either. 
On April 2, Councilmember Rob Johnson (District 4, Northeast Seattle), Chair of the Planning, Land Use & Zoning Committee, issued this statement following a 7-1 vote in support of Council Bill 119221: “... The legislation allows for flexible use parking, so that existing and new parking spaces can be shared and used by more people. 
It eliminates parking requirements for affordable housing units (up to 80% Area Median Income) so that our affordable housing partners can build more housing, and requires unbundling of parking in leases so people who do not own a car will not be required to pay for parking spaces they do not use.”  This legislation assumes fewer cars in our city. 
Contrary to LCC’s urging, recently approved city upzones and resulting permit application build outs will soon have definite impacts and consequences in our area. Inadequate street capacity and traffic congestion will be one. Street parking will be another. 
SDIC, SDOT, and the various developers appear not to approach the cumulative impact of development but rather determine that each individual project has “no impacts.” 
Here are permits filed or issued through March 10, 2018, along Five Corners to Union Bay Place NE, to NE Blakeley St., to 25th Ave. NE: 
  1. Aegis Senior Living, Permit #3025056, 3200 NE 45th Street; 136 senior units, 53 parking spaces. 
  2. Permit #6590332, 4516 Union Bay Pl. NE; Mixed use residential and commercial 61 apartments, 119 parking spaces, which includes parking for adjacent property. 
  3. Apartments, Permit #3020320, 4609 Union Bay Pl. NE; 255 units and planning for 464 residents, 80 feet height, 65 parking spaces. 
  4. Retail sales and service (from warehouse), Permit #6585763, 3016 NE Blakeley Street; 21,000 estimated sq feet. 65’. No added parking. 
  5. Indoor sports and recreation center, Permit #3027739, 2510 NE Blakeley St.; add 18,500 sq feet, 3-story, 9 parking spaces. 
  6. Multifamily units (6), Permit #6451837, 4732 22nd Ave. NE; no parking. 
  7. Apartments, Permit #3020374, 5200 22nd Ave. NE; 32 units, no parking. 
  8. Apartments, Permit #3027063, 4715 25th Ave. NE (Travelodge site); 205 units, 142 parking spaces. 
  9. Retail and parking garage, University Village, 4500 25th Ave. NE; five new retail buildings with new 7-story garage off 25th Ave. NE. Removes 467 parking stalls at surface and adds 800 new stalls in garage (net +333 parking stalls), estimated + 85,000 sq feet expansion retail. 
  10. Seattle Children’s Hospital, phase 3, Forest Building B Building; construction begins fall 2018, adds 592,000 new sq feet and 323 parking spaces underground, (net +151 from removed surface parking). 
  11. University of Washington, Campus Master Plan 2018; plans to build on existing East Campus parking lots along Montlake Blvd. in 15 years. Summary Residential units in the above triangle: 695 units or approximately 1,320 new residents with 379 parking spaces planned. Retail, recreational square footage increases: +124,000 with 333 parking spaces allocated. Major institutions: Children’s, see above. UW, build out unknown but assume net loss of parking at buildable sites along Montlake

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