Monday, April 23, 2018

Tonight Land Use Meeting For Proposed New Health Club

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A neighbor would like to share that a new health club has been proposed at the site where a a long empty Japanese restaurant stands at 2510 NE Blakely Street, the corner of NE Blakeley and 25th Avenue NE.

The owners are listed as Neal and Amy Zeavy with a Laurelhurst address who appear to owners of the Raffle Administration Corporation.

The application states: 

Land Use Application to allow a 3-story indoor sports and recreation center (Center of Physical Arts). Parking for 9 vehicles proposed. Existing structure to be demolished.

Tonight at 8pm, Design Review Board Recommendation Meeting will meet at the Good Shepherd Center (4649 Sunnyside Ave North) to discuss the application. 

Several years prior a permit was submitted for a one or two story commercial building to house a bank and possibly a small restaurant. A restaurant currently existed on the site which would have been demolished.

And another permit was to construct an 18,500 sq. ft. commercial building with accessory surface parking for 17 vehicles and the existing structure on the site would have been  demolished.

For more information go here. 

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