Friday, September 16, 2016

Salmon Bake Follow-up

Cara Brown, the Laurelhurst Community Center Coordinator, would like to thank the many neighborhood families, community members and volunteers who attended and helped with the 54th annual Salmon Bake. 

She said that the proceeds raised will go towards supporting programs at the Community Center as well as Specialized Programs and Lifelong Recreation. 

Cara added:
This is our only fundraiser for the Community Center each year and it helps to cover the cost of our Spring Egg Hunt and summer kids shows in the Park which both do not make money.   
Our hope is that we can continue to offer these events and activities and our community continues to support our center and programs

New this year was the $5 wristband for participating in all the Carnival games, rather than the single tickets used in previous years. Cara said that the bands seemed to be easier for families as well as for the Community Center.

Cara said that unfortunately the revenue was a little less this year from the event.  One reason was that the cost of salmon from the vendor was a lot higher this year due to a bad harvest season so the salmon dinner price was increased from $15 to $18 to help recoup that cost. 

Cara said "We are hoping to lower the cost of the meals for families for next year and perhaps not offer as many sides to help with that."

Community members who are interested in helping to plan next year's Salmon Bake and other community center programs and events, can contact Cara at  or by phone at 206-684-7529.

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