Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Neighbor Snaps Close- Up Picture Of Deer At Union Bay And Coyote Pup Seen Exiting Talaris

A few weeks ago a neighbor reported seeing a coyote that ran out of Talaris towards the Yesler Swap in the late morning.

The neighbor said the put "was fast and looked healthy.:

The neighbor added "I was very happy to see him.  The pup seem old enough to take care of itself and now we need to make sure he is protected." 

A deer sighting was also reported in the "Union Bay Watch" Blog published by Larry Hubbell, long-time photographer and birder.  

Here is the post:

This refreshing email arrived yesterday (July 17th - 2016) from the Union Bay Natural Area.

"Hi, Larry, this Peter Korch. I was so happy to bump into and meet you over by the Osprey platform in Union Bay this morning. My wife Linda and I finished our regular walk at Union Bay and then walked the Yesler Swamp. Among the usual birds we also saw one adult Belted Kingfisher with a juvenile screaming for food wings a flapping. That was fun. We then strolled back to our car in the parking lot at the C.U.H. (Center for Urban Horticulture). As I was loading the camera equipment in the car my wife says, "No Way". I look up to just catch the rear end of this fellow crossing the path down the way. So I grabbed the camera took off and caught a few shots. Took these about 1 hour after we spoke. It was about 12:15p.m. I thought you might get a kick out of this guy, been visiting Union Bay for 30 years seen a lot of great birds and wildlife there but never one of these. I love your work and blog! 
Best Regards,

Thank you, Peter. I was stunned to see the following photos (Peter's comments included.)

"Very calm, good size

what a treat to see this beauty at Union Bay

lots of great tender greens to eat

Could hear me coming, tricky one to approach with all the dry leaf cover"

This looks like the local native Mule Deer, which may also be called, "The Black-tailed Deer". If you keep your eyes peeled, while visiting the Union Bay Natural Area, you too might get to see this wandering wild creature.

Thanks again! - To Peter.

Have a great day on Union Bay...where even deer graze in the city!

Larry Hubbell

ps: Given the way his left prong is taller than the right, I suggest we call him, "Lefty".

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Andrew Ryder said...

I believe I saw this deer today wandering through the Town of Yesler. Our dog was very curious :-)