Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sun Park Blooming WIth Flowers, Help With Keeping It Beautiful On Saturdays

One of the caretakers of Sun Park, located on the corner of NE 47th Street and 47th Avenue NE, sent the Blog Staff this information:

These pretty daffs in the picture don't just "happen". Girls Scouts and neighbors planted them years ago.  Now their TLC comes from Sun Park volunteers. 
Thanks to Robin Hopkins, Leslie Wright, Laurie Snider and others this triangle was cleaned up and the daffodils bloomed beautifully again this year.  
Everyone is encouraged to come out with their favorite weeding tool and join the neighborhood action at 10 am each Second Saturday of month. 

In March 2007, a group of Laurelhurst neighbors and friends, through donations to the Cascade Land Conservancy, purchased the corner lot at NE 47th and 47th Avenue NE to preserve a small open space from development. You can learn more here.

Originally there was a large 1920's Bungalow style house on the corner property. A developer divided the lot in three parcels and two houses were built on two of the lots. The Sun Park folks, along with many in the community, attended a meeting along with City representatives, to save the third parcel from being developed.  And they did and turned it into a beautiful pocket park.

The park is named for Saving Urban Nature. Dixie Park and Jean Amick, Laurelhurst residents, are co-chairs for the Sun Park Committee.


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