Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Missing Persian Cat Around 48th Avenue NE And NE 47th Street



The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

Our cat has gone missing since the evening of 19 March around the area we live at  48th Avenue NE and NE 47th Street. 

"Shadow" is a black, grey and white Persian male with a lion type cut, fluffy mane, legs and tail, black face and paws, no front claws.  Hhis tongue typically sticks out of the front of his mouth. 
He is very friendly but most likely scared.  
Shadow was seen and almost captured on March 19th on the corner of 50th Avenue NE and NE 47th Street. 
I have some very distraught children.  I’m not so happy either and would like to find him asap.  
Please call, email or text Daniel Lipson at 206-327-0301 or Daniellipson@mac.com.

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