Monday, March 21, 2016

Tomorrow Evening Learn About Special Needs Program At Laurelhurst And Why Students Are Seen Walking Around School During The Day

The Laurelhurst Elementary School is holding a special community forum about the Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD) program at the school, tomorrow from 6-7pm in the School cafeteria.

A PTA parent sent this information about the forum:
Please advertise the Principal's forum regarding the EBD program at Laurelhurst School tomorrow evening. The EBD program includes students with unique challenges.   
Administration kindly provided this forum when some community members voiced concerns that learning is being negatively impacted at our cramped school with the current set-up for programs.
Principal Sarah Talbot agreed that it would be useful for neighbors to attend the forum, in addition to school parents, as neighbors sometimes see EBD activity around school.  
It is important to come find out what SPS is doing to ensure that all kids in all programs are learning and thriving at Laurelhurst Elementary. Come learn more about it!

Here is the Principal's invitation:
Social and Emotional Services at Laurelhurst Elementary 
Please join us for a panel discussion on the Social and Emotional Services at Laurelhurst Elementary (the Special Education program formerly known as SM3 or EBD).  

These attendees will be joining us to present information about mental health, disability, and the services we provide at Laurelhurst Elementary: 
Wyeth Jesse, Director of Special Education
Jill Geary, School Board Member
Kim Whitworth, Education Director for the Northeast Region
Sarah Talbot
Special Guests

Submit your questions by to
Here is information about the school program from their website.


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